Monday, 21 November 2011

Review: SUPER by Dr. Perricone.

SUPER by Dr. Perricone First Blush Brightening Serum & Breakout Solution Blemish Treatment (PR Sample)

As a massive skincare fan, I have been eagerly awaiting this launch for months. SUPER is the diffusion line of Dr. Perricone using "Food Science" and the power of "Superfoods" to create a new genre of skincare.
Each product contains a special Superfood, an active ingredient aiming to treat something different.

I tried the First Blush Brightening Serum which contains Melon to tighten, brighten and give a glowing complexion. This is used like a serum, I apply it after cleansing before I moisturise to give me healthy-looking skin. Many factors, such as tiredness and the winter weather, can make skin look and feel a bit dull and not as radiant as usual.
I love anything that aims to improve my complexion, I have scars on my cheeks and jawline where previous blemishes have left a mark. I mainly use this Brightening Serum on these areas in the hope that it will help clear up this discoloration.
This is a product that has to be used over time to see results, although I have noticed that my blemish scars have cleared up much quicker. This gives me a lovely rosy glow for the day if I apply it in the morning.

The Breakout Solution Blemish Treatment contains apple as the active ingredient, which controls clarity. I chose this as it's different to anything else I've tried to help my problem skin. I usually use this at night if my skin is going through a bad patch. It does help to reduce the size of blemishes, and takes away a bit of the redness. It's no miracle cure, but it helps to speed up the healing process and clear up skin in general.
The smell is lovely, a fresh, natural apple scent and the product absorbs in quickly and easily ready to apply moisturiser afterwards.

Admittedly, the prices are quite steep but the range is from the much-loved Dr. Perricone and has a lot to offer. I have been using these two products for the last month or two and they have lasted me well, as you only need a small amount.
I'd love to try other products from the range, and I'm really pleased with the results I've had so far so in my opinion it's definitely worth the money.

Have you tried any products from the Super range?


  1. i am currently reviewing their tinted moisturiser & brightening serum! x

  2. Ooo, at the moment I'm willing to try almost anything that offers to clear up blemishes!
    On the subject of scars, I have many, from years of hair-straightener burns and some from blemishes, and I absolutely swear by Bio-Oil. I guess it isn't cheap, but it really does work to reduce the appearance and even completely get rid of scarring.

  3. Wow! These look amazing! The blemish one is particularly interesting.

  4. These look great, I love the sound of the First Blush one!

  5. The Brightening Serum looks promising! & I love how the packaging looks like!

  6. For some reason my skin seems to be getting a few more blemishes than normal at the moment - great review, always looking for new products.

  7. The winter weather is definitely having an effect on my skin, very dull! I'd love to try the melon one. The packaging is so cute! x

    Natalie | Just a Thought

  8. Love the packaging of these, very unique. They sound really good too, great review!