Monday, 7 November 2011

Review: Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil-in-Gel.

When I first was given this at this event, I really thought I'd never use it as it had the word "oil" in the title. As someone with an oily/combination skin type, I really don't like putting any kind of oil on my face at all.
However, I gave this a go and I'm really pleased I did. First of all, it's more of a gel than an oil, although it's great for taking off makeup.
It has a lovely fresh scent, I usually use this in the evening to give my skin a quick initial cleanse before using a daily scrub or wash.

I apply the gel to a wet face and gently massage to cleanse, taking off the days makeup. I really love how cleansed this makes my skin feel, and it really has helped to clear up my skin recently as well.
I prefer to use a "wash" rather than a tissue-off cleanser as I feel a lot cleaner and fresher afterwards, and I think there's more chance of removing everything. I've been using this product for a couple of weeks now and have absolutely no complaints.
I love that it's really not a product I would have purchased myself, I wouldn't think to buy skincare products from Shu Uemura as it's not what they're known for (the same reason we were all a bit reserved when the Topshop Makeup range came out!). I love how gentle yet effective it is, without being at all drying or irritating.

Now, this is probably quite a bit more than you'd usually pay for a cleanser. I was given this at an event, and I'm not entirely sure if I would pay £24 for a cleanser. However, if I was going to continue to see this much of a change in my skin, I'd say it's probably worth it. My skin is a lot clearer and healthy looking, so for that reason I reckon I would buy it.

Are there any other products you can recommend by Shu?


  1. Oil is actually fab on oily skin. The problem is we tend to think we should dry out the oil with alcohol. All that tends to do is dry the skin, and so it over produces oil to compensate and you wind up in a viscious cycle! Not that I am a beauty expert, I'm not at all, but Im a fellow combination skin type and the best thing I ever did for my face was the Oil Cleansing Method, I don't even know why I stopped actually! Suckered back into products I think... :)

  2. Didnt know shu uemura did skin care products! sounds pretty good though!

  3. I loved this product too and reviewed it a lil while ago (i was at the same event). It is fab i wasn't sure how well it would work on oily skin but your review is great :)