Sunday, 30 October 2011

Dreaming Of Another World.

01. Some awful out of focus photos from last week! I really need to get a new camera, my Nikon D40 just isn't cutting it anymore! I can't seem to get it to focus like it used to, so I'm thinking about getting a Canon EOS 600D for Christmas. Saying that, yesterday I went to Bluewater and tried on a Mulberry bag (think I know which one I'm going to get now! And its not a Bayswater or an Alexa!)

02. After a tiring week, I've had a massively busy weekend so no doubt I'll be feeling drained tomorrow. I really wish there was an extra day in the weekend, it always flies by!
Last night I went to the Aussie Aussiversary Party at Century Club with a few other lovely ladies and had a really great time! It was amazing to meet everyone/see some old faces, and the food and drinks were amazing.
I foolishly went out in London after the event, stayed at a friends and had to get a hungover bus, tube, walk, train home to South London feeling very ill!

03. Today was spent doing not a lot, caught up with X Factor, slept for hours, and now I'm listening to Mystery Jets in bed.

04. I usually get some posts prepared for the week but I've not really had time & will probably be feeling tired after work but we'll see! I've got loads of products to review, do people mind if I post a review about one item? Usually I compare a few or talk about a topic such as MAC lipsticks or nude eyeshadows!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Instaupdates #1.


01. I finally got my new iPhone 4S! I've always had Mac laptops (the second picture is a sly pic of my current Macbook Pro), but this is the first iPhone I've ever had. I'm seriously impressed with it, everything seems to slot together and all of the features are amazing! Siri and I had a fall out at first, I don't think he quite understood my accent (understandable), but I'm really impressed with this feature!

02. Recently has been all about my new internship (in Beauty PR), I've not had much time for anything else. I bought a couple of dresses in the ASOS sale. As well as a pair of Dalmatian slippers from Asda and some little shoes from New Look.

03. I also got my Glossybox. Not a very thrilling one this month, I've actually not touched any of the products as it really doesn't excite me. The nail polish looks nice, and I do like Dermalogica but that's about it!

Monday, 24 October 2011

Wednesday Addams.

Dress - ASOS

The first day I wore this, I kept looking in the mirror wondering why I looked so familiar. Then I realised I was dressed identical to Wednesday Addams. A new style icon there.

You can see my new hair cut a bit better here. I like that it's all one length, and hopefully if I do decide to grow it out, it will be a bit easier/look a lot nicer.
Thank you for all the lovely comments on it though!

Sunday, 23 October 2011


Stole, Coat & Skirt - H&M, Top - New Look

This time last year I searched high and low for a fur collared coat, and this year they're everywhere! I bought this coat a few months ago from H&M, and bought the fur stole recently to put round it. It works out much cheaper to add your own fur, and you can chose which colour you want.

I got my hair cut yesterday, and then dyed it myself. It's quite short, just above my shoulders and finally, all one length. I want to grow it but I really don't like it long, I don't think I suit it at all. I'm not sure how I feel about the cut yet, it's rather short but thankfully, my hair grows fast!

A massive well done to my home country of New Zealand for winning the Rugby World Cup today, I wish I was off work tomorrow to celebrate but sadly it's X Factor and bed for me!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Review: Illamasqua Theatre of the Nameless Collection.

I was sent a few bits from the Illamasqua Theatre of the Nameless collection recently. Illamasqua is one of those brands that really stands out in terms of high end makeup brands. It takes influence from the 1920s club scene, inspired by those who use makeup to covey themselves.
It is one of my favourite higher end makeup brands, I think the collections have so much to offer and always contain such inspiring colours and products.

The Theatre of the Nameless collection is no different, stemming from 1920s Berlin, it is one of grandeur and decadence. The promo images are truly incredible, showing that makeup can be used to express oneself so dramatically and magnificently.

I was given the Powder Blush in Morale, the Cream Pigment in Androgen (pictured on my lips) and the Nail Varnish in Taint (pictured last).
I have built up a small collection of Illamasqua blushers, and it has to be said that looking at the powders in the pan, they are not ones I would pick out if I was looking at MAC, NARS or Bourjois shades. They are not my typical peachy roses, and Morale is not something I would usually go for. However, experience has shown me that although Illamasqua blushers look intimidating in the pan, they transform into such a brilliant shade on the cheeks.
Morale is no different, although it looks daunting - a rich purple with a glitter - it transforms on the cheeks to a soft blue-toned flush with only a slight sheen. It's fast becoming one of my most used blushers.

The Cream Pigment in Androgen is probably my favourite piece I've tried from the collection. It is the most gorgeous soft pink with a slight coral tone to it. It's thicker than a lipstick and also goes matte on the lips. I tend to just dab it on my lips for a lovely, natural warm colour. Sometimes I'll add a bit of clear lip balm to make it slightly more moisturising.
It's extremely pigmented, and can be used anywhere. I'd like to experiment with this on my cheeks but I've not had the chance.

Finally, the Nail Varnish is not something I would usually go for either. It's quite dark and decadent (I usually only wear pastels or coral shades!) but I really fancied this from the collection. I wore a Missguided teal shade on one finger to brighten it up a bit. I quite like this colour, even though it's not very me. I think the Illamasqua brand really brings out a creative side in me!

This collection is definitely not one to be missed, I highly recommend their blushes and the cream pigment is incredible. I would like to see what other uses I can find for this product, hopefully it will get me experimenting a bit more rather than sticking to my usual shades.
What is your favourite Illamasqua product?

Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Jumper & Necklace - H&M, Dress - Topshop

This jumper is so versatile, and definitely worth the money. I have the same one in a mustard colour and they go with everything. My usual outfit involves a body con skirt, some form of top and a pendant, it's such an easy look to create. I really like mixing prints with a solid colour also.

Today has been so busy. It also involved me getting trapped in the train station barriers because I was hurrying and forgot to take my ticket out. Mortifying.
My iPhone 4S still hasn't come, neither has my ASOS order... which makes today a bit rubbish really!

Monday, 17 October 2011

1920s Party With Penhaligon's Juniper Sling

(This is a sponsored post through Handpicked Media)

The 1920s were an era of high fashion and impeccable taste and a time known for well-dressed men and women. Often referred to as the "Jazz Age", the 20s were known for "flappers", a term applied to young women who started a trend of short skirts, bob hair cuts and a carefree attitude. 
Flappers often wore heavy makeup and were seen out in Jazz clubs in the evening, drinking cocktails and smoking. 

This post is inspired by the Flapper generation, and I'm going to discuss what I'd plan for a 1920s-style party. For the utmost glamour, I would hold a cabaret party for my guests which would include jazz hits all night. 
Makeup and fashion is still inspired heavily by the outlandish behaviour of the flapper women, so I'm mainly going to discuss the makeup trends which influence me. When I think of the makeup trends popular in the 20s, I think of elegance - long, dark lashes and bright, perfectly formed red lips.
This era was also seen to be quite decadent. Large, kohl-lined eyes were very popular, along with messy short bob hairstyles.
I would use a dark eyeliner pencil around my eyes to create a smokey eye by blending, and follow this with coats of jet black mascara. Eyebrows would be shaped to perfection, and filled in with a brown eyebrow pencil to create structure. 
For lips, they would be accentuated using a red lip liner pencil to create a perfect deep cupids bow, and filled in with a bright matte red lipstick. 

It wouldn't be the 1920s without an extravagant, beaded, floor length dress. The 20's are associated with chic, glamourous women wearing fringed or beaded dresses accessorized by long pearl necklaces, cigarettes and a cocktail.
In order to be authentic, I would only serve cocktails which were popular in the 20's, such as Gin Slings and Orange Blossoms. 

Juniper Sling is an intoxicating new fragrance inspired by the iconic spirit London Dry Gin. This crisp, fresh scent pays homage to the "Roaring Twenties". It has notes of cinnamon, orange brandy, brown sugar and black cherry.

Penhaligon’s Juniper Sling Eau de Toilette 50ml £78
Penhaligon’s Juniper Sling Eau de Toilette 100ml £110

Juniper Sling is available now at Penhaligon’s boutiques, concessions and online at

Sunday, 16 October 2011


Top & Ring - Topshop, Skirt - H&M, Necklace - Urban Outfitters, Belt - Primark

I wore this to the The Only Way is Blogging event yesterday. I love high-necked tops with high-waisted skirts, they're really flattering. I'm also still so in love with cute collars, lace and coral!

The Only Way Is Blogging was a really great event, it was lovely to see Lily, Emma, Lily Pebbles & Zoe (who did a good job of organising it!). Big thank you as well to Hayley.
Lily (LLYMLRS), Hayley and I took part in the Question & Answer which was really well received and hopefully everyone learnt a bit! I think the most important thing in blogging is to create something you yourself would love to read & have fun! I don't think there's any rules in blogging, just good etiquette and passion for what you do.

Today I bought some nice things from the ASOS sale, designed and made my business cards and also ordered an iPhone 4S! I'm actually so excited. 
Tomorrow I start my new internship at a new company which is pretty scary and exciting! I'm having such a great time in London, I've already met so many great people. I've literally been so busy, today is the first day in so long I've actually just sat and chilled out. Although I did have to get some bloggy things done! 

Thursday, 13 October 2011


Blazer & Necklace - H&M, Top - New Look, Jeans - Topshpp

I absolutely love blazers... on other people. I never really feel like they're very me. I'm so casually dressed, and I find they make me look a bit too smart! 
I love this top, a nice little find in the New Look limited edition section. It has a leather collar!

The last couple of weeks have flown by, I'm now at the end of my first internship (starting a new one on Monday) which has been amazing.
My blog was also linked on the Grazia website today. They contacted me a while back asking if I'd like to be "partnered" with them which is good. I still see my blog as relatively small, even though I'm well on my way to 2000 followers I have only been blogging for about ten months so things like this are massive opportunities and I always love when things like this come around.

Myself & Lily (and a couple of others) are doing a Q&A at an event in London on Saturday called The Only Way Is Blogging which will be so much fun. Please come along and ask questions if you have any! It'll be a great day to meet people and have a chat about blogging.
Hopefully I'll see you there! 

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

September Favourites.

01. MAC Powder Blusher in Fleur Power: One of the first MAC blushes I bought, and still a firm favourite This is a matte dark coral/pink which works so well with my skin tone. I usually had a bit of highlighter with this, or just wear it alone.

02. Benefit Boi-ing Concealer: I fell in love with this years ago as I kept getting the Benefit kits at Christmas, and for some reason never got round to buying a full size version. This has become my favourite concealer in the last month. It's soft and creamy and so easy to apply. It covers everything.

03. Clinique All About Eyes Eye Cream: I got this free in a gift when I bought two Clinique products. Before this I'd never used eye cream, however the move to London has brought early mornings which means I have dark circles and puffiness under my eyes. This is quite cooling and refreshing and brightens my eye area.

04. The Body Shop Eye Palette: I'm not sure where this came from, it doesn't have a label or anything, but I recognise the engraving in the shadows as being from the Body Shop. This is a lovely eye shadow palette that I've been using most days to give me a nice natural eye. Two of the shades are matte, the other two have a slight sheen. They're very easy to wear for a nice day time look.

05. Rimmel Stay Matte powder: I'm not a big fan of Rimmel products at all, I prefer the higher end brands but I've never seen a mattifying powder from a higher end brand so I snapped this up, and its become my daily powder. It's great for absorbing excess oils and leaving skin looking fresh. A great way to set makeup, and it makes touching up the T Zone really easy throughout the day.

06. Korres Wild Rose Lip Butter: I'd heard lots of great things about this product, I got the chance to choose this when creating my Glossybox at the GB event. It's a very tinted lip butter, something you need a mirror to apply! A lovely way to give your lips a bit of colour whilst also keeping them in great condition. I love the Korres brand, and I've been carrying this with me everywhere recently.

07. Bobbi Brown Eye Corrector Duo: I originally didn't think much of this product, however recently I've been using it most days - replacing my much loved YSL Touche Eclat. I used to find it creased under my eyes quite quickly, but I think using the Rimmel Stay Matte powder helps to set it in place. This is a great product to cover up dark under-eye circles.

Monday, 10 October 2011


Dress - Motel, Necklace - Urban Outfitters

I realise these pictures are pretty uninspiring! I'm still getting used to my room here, so these are the first outfit pictures I've taken. I absolutely adore this dress, it looks so much nicer in real life. I found it so hard to photograph!
This dress was sent to me to celebrate Motel having 20% off across their items until October 16th. Just use the code STUDENT20 at the checkout.
I've been a massive fan of Motel for a long time, and I still adore their clothing. Their latest collection is gorgeous, lots of wine coloured items.

This last week has been crazy, I've got lots of things to post about but I'm really busy (and have a bad cold at the moment). I don't want to let my blogging slip, but I'd rather post a few good posts every now and again than lots of poor ones. I love blogging, but sometimes other things take over.

I'm going to the Handpicked Media event with Kiehls, Biotherm and Shu Uemura tomorrow. I'm really excited to meet everyone! Anyone else going?