Wednesday, 23 January 2013

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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Beauty Spotlight: Moisture Masks.

While my skin has never been dry or flaky, I've always considered it to be dehydrated (a lack of moisture in the skin). Over the last few months, I've used more moisturising products and my normal/combination skin has been looking and feeling a lot more plump and brightened - as well as being pretty much spot-free.
I've found that masks do the most good out of all my skincare lotions and potions, especially those which work overnight to give my skin a whole load of nourishment. I reckon these work best after exfoliating or using a detox/clay mask and work perfect on all skin types, so sensitive or oily girls: don't be afraid!

Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask * (£28)
This is Clinique's latest skincare launch and boy, is it a good 'un. Whereas some of the other masks I've tried sat heavy on my skin (making sleeping uncomfortable) and smelt strongly, this absorbs in beautifully, has a subtle but enjoyable scent and left my skin feeling plumped and incredibly can't-stop-stroking-it smooth. The lack of a heavy scent made me feel it was more gentle than others I'd tried, more like a really effective moisturiser with amazing results. An easy route to glowing skin when you awake.

Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask * (£19.35)
Oh, if we all got 70p each time I mentioned this ol' thing, eh? Antipodes are a heavenly (and natural) brand who have quickly gained my upmost respect in the last six months and this Honey Manuka mask is one of my favourites from the entire collection. It's rather potent (it has that tingly "I'm working" feeling) and it not only hydrates the skin - it also cleanses and anti-oxidises. A great product for blemish prone guys and girls and those who need a little detox and nourishment. Full review here.

Elemental Herbology Biodynamic Facial SoufflĂ© * (£44 for Full Size)
Another mask that's impressed me when it comes to leaving my skin hydrated and radiant is this offering from another natural brand, Elemental Herbology. The product shown is a sample size I received as part of a set and I find it's perfect for taking away (ideal for flying, too). I adore Elemental Herbology and this mask calms my skin and keeps any signs of dullness at bay. It's perfect for overexposed skin - think days outside in the cold weather, holidays etc. - and repairs skin from first use.
The scent of this isn't too overpowering and I find that (no matter how much you put on) it sinks in pretty quickly so you don't go to bed with your face sticking to the pillow. Would I buy the full size? Hell yeah.

If you've tried an overnight moisture mask, what are your thoughts? And if you haven't, well, why not?

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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

New Years (Beauty) Resolutions.

A new year always inspires us to live a little bit better and finally banish those bad habits. This year I'm making all sorts of promises to ensure I look after myself, so here are the beauty resolutions I'm making to see this through. I solemnly do swear...

To Empty Those Bottles, Tubes and Tubs.
Living, eating and breathing beauty has its downfalls; I'm constantly on the look out for new products to share and review which means I can be using three serums a week and several more moisturisers. While it would be foolish to try and stick to a stricter routine, I'm aiming to be a little more ruthless when it comes to using a product before I start another. I'm naming 2013 the year of the empties.

To Execute Flawless Brush Cleaning.
Brush cleaning is a little like eating healthily; I know and understand I'll see far better results if I just do it, but I can still convince myself it's ok to skip a day or four. Well no more relaxed approach, I'm going to conjure up and stick to a brush cleaning routine that would make pre-reformed ghostparties weep.

To Stray Away From the Norm
I fell in love with bronzer and cream blusher in 2012 and ditched the eyeliner and heavy eyebrows, but I have got myself in to a makeup bag rut. This year I'll be embracing more trends and not falling back in to my old beauty routines. I'm predicting sleek, straight hair and tanned skin to shake things up a bit.

To Stick To Those Supplements
It's impossible to get everything we need from what we eat and I have the worst immune system going. This year I'll be promising to keep up with my supplements; zinc, vitamin b, selenium and iron are all great for helping to keep us in check (and they have many benefits for the skin too.)

Here's hoping I'll be sticking to these promises! What are your resolutions and how are you intending to stick to them?

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