Friday, 25 November 2011

Glossybox November.

Arbonne FC5 Cooling Foot Creme
Dead Sea Spa Magik Facial Wash
Illamasqua Freak Eau de Parfum
Nail Rock Nail Wraps
Philip Kingsley Elasticizer 

As a newly-appointed Glossybox Ambassador (and a blogger/subscriber to Glossybox) I'd like to give my thoughts on this months box. As you may be aware, this has been a lot of controversy surrounding this months box (all publicity is good publicity... kind of) which is in no way fair. I think a lot of people missed the point of Glossybox this month, you're not going to get full sized high-end products in every box, if you want full-sized products, take yourself down to your local department store and wack out your purse, because that's really not what this monthly beauty box subscription service is all about.

The point, of course, is to try out new products each month - to open your eyes to new brands and to experience a product without entering into a full size which may or may not be wasted.
Admittedly, we have tried the Nail Wraps before so a bit more variety would be nice. However, I have seen quite a few people rave about these being included again. This is a service that has to cater for all, one girls junk is another girls treasure and all that.
Personally, I won't be using these as I can't put them on and the design isn't for me. 

The perfume samples were also badly received, I was slightly disappointed that we were sent another perfume sample. Saying that, as far as I know, it's not possible to get the Illamasqua Freak samples over the counter, so in that respect, I think it is worthy of being in this months box.
I know a lot of people have said that you could go to any perfume stockist and pick up samples, but from experience of working on a fragrance counter, this really isn't the case. Stores rarely get samples in to try, and when they do, they are limited and go quickly. It's really only for new releases, and only select Perfume Houses choose to do this. 
I tried Illamasquas Freak at the counter in Selfridges, and although I liked it on myself, I was wearing perfume at the time (and I usually am when I go into stores to try fragrance) so it's great to be able to try this over a few days to see how it smells on my skin and how long the scent lasts.

I've tried Philip Kingsley's Elasticizer before, I'm really pleased this was in this months box as I think it's really overlooked. I've been using this for a couple of months now and I think it's a wonderful product. My hair feels weightless and so soft after use. It's only used on the ends of the hair, so even a sample size like this will last a while. 

I'm not sure if I will use this face wash, as I'm pretty content with my skincare routine at the moment. I'll probably give this to my mum to try instead. I wish I had received the Dead Sea Salts, as they sound amazing.
It's always good to try these new brands, I'm looking forward to giving the Foot Cream a try as well. I'll probably use this overnight, I love anything that gives your skin a boost in these drying winter months.

Overall, I wasn't massively keen on this months box. I do think that it's a great mixture of products and has something for everyone, and I think we can all agree that we've found something new in this box that we wouldn't have tried otherwise - which is the whole point of the service! 

Disclaimer: As an Ambassador, my opinions haven't changed at all. I've been a subscriber since the beginning and have always spoken my honest views of the products. I can also confirm that Ambassadors are not hand-selected items, we get whatever comes to us, and no one is "special". 


  1. Whoop whoop. This makes me happy. First paragraph made my day! xx

  2. totally agree! Also with the nail rocks, they were in one of the first boxes and they've since had a massive increase in customers so i don't see a problem with them being repeated, plus anyone who doesn't like them could easily pop them into someones present! :)

  3. I loved the nail wraps. I have seen some tweets and blogs saying that the nail wraps are not for them and that they've thrown it straight in the bin! This makes me very sad! :( xxx

  4. I agree, I only managed to pick my GB up today from the post depo, and I was dreading it from the reviews, but I really don't think its that different from any of the other boxes? Like you say, a little repetition with the perfume samples, and I was hoping for the elasticizer instead of the bath salts (I recieved v.similar a few months ago) but I don't think the box is half as bad as people are making out.

  5. I totally agree about the concept - the purpose is not to recieve full size product, it's a 'sample' service! for me the unpredictable-ness is why i haven't signed up (that and a student budget!), but there always seems to be some great hair products in the glossybox x

  6. somebody sent me the nail wraps from their glossybox because they didn't want them! One girls junk is defo another girls treasure!

  7. I really liked the nail wraps as I've wanted to try them out for a while, I would've preferred a different patter, but they're good for practicing.
    I wish I had got the Dead Sea Salts too instead of the face wash as I really dislike the wash.
    I really like the perfume, it's the first of the perfume samples I've liked.
    The hair thing and the foot thing are just nice samples to try.
    Overall I liked the box, but I really wish I'd get less cleansers (in this and Boudoir Prive) - I have a ton now!

  8. I quite like that you don't know what you're going to get with GlossyBox each month, I've only just signed up though but I find it very exciting!

    Gem x

  9. Glad your views haven't been altered by your newly appointed ambassador status (congrats btw!), I agree with pretty much everything you've said, although my products were a bit different. I got the hand cream not the foot cream, but it's bloody amazing! xx