Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Review: Smashbox Softbox Nude Eye Palette.

Have you ever had something so pretty, you couldn't bear to use it? That's how I feel about this gorgeous, gorgeous palette! I've had this since the middle of last year, and to be honest I feel sad using it because it's so lovely.
This is the most beautiful palette imaginable, it puts all the Naked palettes to shame!

I have quite a few Smashbox palettes, and they're all incredible quality. I love Smashbox makeup - it rivals MAC and Illamasqua. It's probably one of my favourite brands - it's well worth the money and I've always loved every product I've tried from the brand.

The shades in this palette are so varied yet work so well together. I find these shades are so much easier to wear than the likes of those in the UD Naked palette etc. because they're not as "smokey" and dark, don't contain unbearable amounts of glitter and also blend well together to create a number of looks.
My favourite shades are definitely 'Flirt' and 'Truffle' but I find myself using others to highlight and use on my brow bone.

Of all my eyeshadow palettes, I find my Smashbox ones get the most use. I never experience a lot of fall out from Smashbox eyeshadows, especially when using the Lid Primer and my Smashbox Tapered Shadow Brush (which is the best Eyeshadow Brush I've ever tried!).
Although this is priced slightly higher than most palettes, it's definitely worth it and so lovely to have in your collection as it's such a varied palette. I expect you'll use all these shades at some point, although I don't really get any use from the liners as I prefer black.

As part of the Buyapowa Bloggers Week, I've requested this product to go up on the site - meaning you can get it for cheaper! I'll tweet about this when it goes live, so you can get it for less! Make sure you follow me on Twitter, but it should be up in the next few days. Definitely a product worth getting!

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Wishlist #11.

I seem to be endlessly wishing for everything. I really would love a pair of pastel coloured jeans, and these topshop ones have caught my eye. I think I'll have a look for them tomorrow as they are exactly what I want. They would look great paired with this cute bralet but I'm definitely not that brave, and would probably wear this top with a high waisted skirt instead.

I need a new denim shirt, one which is slightly more fitted than the ones I have at the moment. I like the light denim of this one, and I think denim shirts go with everything. So easy to wear!
I'm not sure I would actually wear these space themed shorts but they are cute!

I'm really into eyeshadows at the moment, having gone from very rarely wearing it to now wearing it most days. I only really go for neutral colours but I love the look of MACs All That Glitters eyeshadow, so I think I'll buy this to slot into my Pro Palette which is looking a bit bare.
I've also got my eye on the new nude palette from Bobbi Brown which looks like it's a better, easier to wear Naked palette. The packaging is great too, who doesn't love neon pink?!

Lastly, I absolutely must get my hands on some Real Techniques brushes. I'm still kicking myself for bypassing the stand at IMATS and now I can't find a Boots in Central London which sells them. Hopefully I'll finally get my hands on the Stippling brush as I need a new foundation brush and I've heard only good things about this one.

What's everyone got their eye on at the moment?

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Review: Benefit Hervana Blusher.

I've already done a small review on this here, but I thought I would blog about it fully as there's a lot of hype surrounding it at the moment! I attended an amazing Benefit event last week, which was the launch of Hervana. It was an amazing night and we even got a Hervana blush to take away.

I love absolutely everything about this blush, the packaging is beautiful and the colours just look gorgeous. To be honest, I wondered how this would look on me as I usually wear rosy pink blushers.
I'm wearing it in this post, and I think it looks really good on me and a nice change from the pinks you usually see me wearing.
My face looks slightly contoured and glowing.

Benefit blushers aren't cheap (although I think they work out as being better value for money than most) but they are one of my favourite brands and they look lovely on my dressing table.
I think it's definitely a blusher to have in your collection!

Has anyone else tried Benefits Hervana?

* Free sample from an event.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Review: Chanel Illusion D'ombre in Emerveille

I had planned to post this a while ago, but somehow deleted the post. I've had this for a couple of months now after lusting after it for so long. It's quite a popular product in this here blogging world, and I always like to post about the hyped products to see how they match up. 

The formula of this is like no other, it's very spongey but easy to apply. I find that with primer, it doesn't really budge during the day, although it can crease slightly. 
As it's a Chanel product, you can expect the quality to be high! I use my fingers to apply this usually, I find that it's best this way and I haven't really used anything else to compare. It almost feels slightly damp so I can't imagine a brush working so well. 

I think this colour is gorgeous, definitely a shade that suits and flatters all. It's quite a warm, rosy gold that's just so easy to wear, day or night.
The packaging is typical, luxurious Chanel - I feel proud getting it out of my makeup bag as it's just as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside. 

This is definitely a product to splurge on if you feel like treating yourself. I think it's such a beautiful but unique product, and it really is worth the money. 

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Your Biggest Fan.

Jumper - New Look (last year)
Shirt - Urban Outfitters (last year)
Skirt - H&M
Lipstick - MAC Creme Cup

This is one of my favourite jumpers, such a lovely colour that goes with everything. Still completely in love with collars too, so couldn't resist wearing my bird print shirt. An excellent way of sprucing (yes, sprucing) up your wardrobe as all these items are old except the skirt. Well done K-Jo.

I'm currently on the train to Glasgow to go see Jordan. Stopping off at his bands studio for a sly listen of them practising (hopefully!).
I love London and Scotland equally and can never really decide where I want to live as they both offer me such different things. Going back to Scotland gets me out of chaotic London but it can also be pretty dull! It's great having an excuse to get the best of both!

Very excited for a few days away from the Internet to relax and eat! What's everyone getting up to this weekend?

PS. I caved and purchased the new MAC Viva Glam lipstick! So excited to get it.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Review: Avon Ideal Flawless Foundation

Last November, I was invited to attend the Avon Beauty Bus where makeup artists and beauty gurus Pixiwoo were giving makeovers.
The lovely Sam matched me up for the new Avon Ideal Flawless foundation, which has recently been launched. For some reason, MUAs always always match me up for really dark shades - I'm usually the lightest, and I don't use bronzer or tan very often so I have roughly ten foundations which are far too dark for me.
Sam took one look at me and said "you're definitely Ivory" and sure enough, it's a perfect match. It must be one of the only foundations I have that I don't feel worried about wearing because I know it's a great match.

Ideal Flawless is available in 16 shades, making it ideal for all skin tones. It's pretty rare for a brand to embrace so many shades!
The foundation aims to be medium to full coverage whilst also looking natural, leaving the skin with a flawless finish. I usually wear medium to full coverage foundations, but I hate looking caked in makeup so I was really excited to try this out.
The bottle itself comes with a pump, another rarity for a foundation these days!

I started off using this foundation with my Sigma F80 brush, which I always use for foundation. However, I felt that this was a bit heavy, rubbing the foundation away. I prefer to use a MAC foundation brush or, even better, my fingers as the warmth really helps to create a nice base without over blending.
The formula is oil-free, something I usually look for in a foundation as I have a combination skin type, leaning towards oily. I need a bit of mattifying powder with this, like I do all foundations, but I would say it does have a reasonable lasting power, from morning until night with a touch up of powder.

The coverage isn't as full as I'd personally like, but my skin has been a bit questionable recently due to my Clarisonic breaking it out. I know people generally prefer medium coverage, so it's probably going to be ideal for most (and myself, when my skin is a bit clearer).

Overall, this is a great foundation, especially when you consider the price. It applies easily, leaves a smooth finish and lasts well - making it much better than most "drugstore" foundations around the same price.
I find the formula to be really light, meaning it becomes your skin, rather than sitting on top and looking cakey. It can be quite easy to over blend though, so a light finger works best to gently but quickly blend. I also find that setting with powder is required for longer lasting power, especially on those with oilier skin types.

On a side note, Avon have launched an app to help choose your shade. Have a look here.

(*) PR Sample

Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Dress - Ebay
Lipstick - YSL Rouge Volupté in 27 Rose Paris
Nails - Ciate 

My first outfit post in a while as I've been majorly busy with work and being in Glasgow. Planning another trip back up there on Thursday but I've been organised and prepared some posts for before I leave. Absolutely so excited to go see Jordan and chill out and eat loads for a few days! 

I'm not sure how I will deal with the 4.5hour + train journey though! I've got my iPhone and Kindle at least. Can anyone recommend any books to get? I'm thinking Harlan Cobens new book Live Wire as he's one of my favourite authors and his books are so gripping that I don't notice that hours have passed. 
Any other favourites that have had you hooked? Very much appreciated!
I'm planning to take Jordan some Krispy Kremes (continuously fattening him up) but no doubt they'll have been inhaled by myself by the time I leave Euston station. Possibly before.

I've been watching Geordie Shore's newest series recently. I know I should be a lot more cultured than this, but I honestly find it so funny. Considering they're on a reality TV programme, a few of them are surprisingly witty and always have me laughing so much. Am I losing it, or does anyone else find themselves glued to this? I find the people to be "real" also, rather than the likes of TOWIE and Made in Chelsea. Oh god, I really have lost it. Please, send help. 

Monday, 20 February 2012

Daily Makeup #2.

My makeup varies slightly day to day, I wear different foundations, a different blusher every day, swap between powders, eyeliners, mascaras... sometimes I don't wear eyeliner or concealer. These are the products I'm using most each day as of late. Some of these I've blogged about individually before.
I've had lots of requests for this, so I might make it a regular feature!

Benefit The Pore-fessional Primer *: I've reviewed this before here. This is my all time favourite primer. I don't really use anything else, it smooths over my skin and also helps to hide discolourations and blemishes. If you don't have this already, definitely buy it! It's worth every penny.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation: This is the "Stay in Place" makeup everyone loves. Or hates to love. I think its great, I'm quite fair anyway so I don't get the "ghost face" (as far as I know) and I also don't feel so caked. I usually mix this with something a bit lighter such as Bourjois Healthy Mix so it's not as heavy. It's a great foundation if you like full coverage.

L'Oreal Touche Magique Concealer: I've been using this for years, it's probably one of the longest standing products in my makeup bag (I mean in terms of loyalty, obviously I've repurchased it quite a few times over the years). It's a lightweight concealer which covers all without looking cakey.

Urban Decay Primer Potion: I've got a few tubes of this kicking about, despite never actually buying it. You only need the smallest amount so it lasts forever. My eyeliner and mascara tends to smudge through the day, so this is a must have for me.

Topshop Blush Brush: Again, I've had this blush brush for a while now. It's so light and blends in blusher so well. A lot of people ask about my blusher and how I apply it, so now you know. Definitely worth a purchase!

Chanel Illusion D'Ombres in Emerveille *: I finally caved and bought this a month ago. I don't often wear eyeshadow, but I love a subtle sheen for during the day. This is such a lovely colour for all skin tones, and lasts all day without creasing. It's such a different texture, kind of spongey!

NARS Orgasm Blush: My "Go To" blush, I must wear this several times a week, every week. It's my absolute favourite and I can imagine it suits everyone. It's such a gorgeous coral pink with a hint of gold sheen. I love rose gold, and I always get compliments when I wear this. NARS is one of my favourite brands for blushers.

Benefit Hervana *: A new addition to my collection! There will probably be a full post on this soon, but I have been using it so much recently I thought I would include it in here also. This is gorgeous cool toned blush, with just the right amount of sheen for me.

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder: This is perfect for setting makeup and keeping face shine free. I find it so much better than most "high end" powders I have.

Almay Eyebrow Pencil: This really needs to go in the bin, since Almay is dead and gone now. I truly can't find an eyebrow pencil better than this! I've had it for so long and it's just perfect. I found when I use powder and a brush, I just over-do my eyebrows so much and they end up looking so dark and drawn on.

Daniel Sandler Jumbo Jet Mascara: I'm lucky enough to have long eyelashes, so I don't need anything expensive to make my eyelashes look full. I'm really enjoying using this product, it doesn't smudge too much and my lashes look so full and curled all day.

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlers: Full review here. The best curlers money can buy. If you're ever wishing to indulge in something high-end, make sure it's these. They're fantastic for keeping lashes long and curled all day.

Benefit Eye Bright: A simple way to make eyes look more open, I just put a little bit of this on the inner corners of my eyes and I instantly look so much more awake. It can also be used under the brows and on the waterline too.

MAC Mineralised Skin Finish Natural: This is due for renewal, although I've been using my Rimmel powder (above) a lot more recently. This does give such a lovely finish, although I find the Rimmel to be better for shine.

Stageline Precise Liner *: This is the first time I've used anything except gel liner in so so long. This is such an easy way to line the eyes. I love eyeliner flicks, and I find it's really easy to achieve nice, even flicks with this due to the fine nib. I find it smudges on me slightly during the day, as do most products, so a bit of primer or powder is needed. Otherwise the staying power and quality is great.

Bobbi Brown Concealer Kit: I gave this a bad review first time round, but I've come to really love it. I actually probably use it more than my YSL Touche Eclat. It's a great way to hide dark circles, without the creasing and caked look.

*Products which have been sent to me, or I've received at events.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Pearl Collar.

Dress (as top) - Romwe (sold out) * 
Jumper - H&M
Skirt - H&M
Lipstick - MAC Creme Cup 

My outfit for London Fashion Week yesterday, I actually asked Lily to take some pictures there but I didn't really like them! Soz Lily. 
Yesterday was great fun, Lily, Emma and I had a look around and met up with a few others. We spent the afternoon in the Glam Suite with Zoe, Anna & Jen which was so much fun. 

I've been pretty busy lately, as you have probably seen from my last post, so I haven't outfit posted in a while. 

I've had a lot of interest in this dress (with the pearl collar), but it looks like it's been sold out from the Romwe website! Keep checking back, they might get it in again!

Friday, 17 February 2012

Instaupdates #4.

collar; boyfriend; face; creepers; couple; Jordan; Marmite; boyfriend & Marley; face; Hersheys under the covers; wine o'clock; babe; long johns; coffee date; leaving Glasgow; presents to come back to; outfit; velvet leggings and creepers; makeup; fringe; perfume shop event; daisy minis; spring; awesome seat; benefit and a pool; benefit hervana launch; pancake parlour; pancake; pizza; my love. 

Another Instagram post from the last couple of weeks. I was in Glasgow seeing my boyfriend for a week, so I took some snaps while I was there. We had an early 'anti-valentines' because we both think it's a bit pointless but also wanted to get each other a lil suhin' suhin'. I got an awesome handmade card, some extra strong Marmite and long johns. Precisely what I wanted and oh so romantic! I'm on to a winner. 

Last night I went to a Perfume Shop event which was so cute, very Spring and lots of mini eggs! I had a great time smelling all the new perfumes. Afterwards I went to the launch of Benefits Hervana blush. Jordan and I bought this for his sisters birthday, it was definitely one of those presents that you buy for someone where you actually just want it for yourself. When I saw it on her, I knew I had to have it. 
The launch was amazing, there was a pool in the centre which I was very wary of and I had a lovely catch up with Zoe and Jen

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