Friday, 4 March 2011

Smashbox Haul.

I recently bought quite a few things from Smashbox, which I think has some really lovely products. I bought the Publicist Powder Blush, Double Exposure Lip & Cheek Colour in Irresistible, Proof Sheet Powder Blush, Cream Eyeliner Pencil in Antique Gold and Eyelights Palette in Special Effects.
I can't stop buying blushes recently, I'm pretty sure they all look the same anyway! Such lovely pink colours, I can't wait to try them.

I just swatched the blushes on paper, but you can see the Smashing Publicist blush is a gorgeous peachy colour, and I think this is my favourite one. The Proof Sheet blush is a bit more of a rosy pink, which is nice and natural for day time & work.
The lip and cheek colour is a bit more of a coral/pink, which looks lovely on my lips. I will probably end up wearing this more of a lip tint because I tend to wear powder blushes.
It's so lightweight, it doesn't even feel like I have any lipgloss on. It doesn't feel sticky either, which is a massive pro! It's quite natural, it gives a slight pink tint to the lips rather than a full on gloss. It's also moisturising which is a plus for me as my lips are constantly chapped!

The cream eyeliner just glides on, so creamy and easy to apply. I've never worn a gold eyeliner before so it's definitely something I want to try. I always wear black eyeliner which is getting a bit old now.
I'll probably use this with the palette I bought, or maybe use it above my black liner sans eyeshadow.

I absolutely adore this little palette! It'll be so good for taking away with me when I travel. I love nude and natural colours, I'm not brave enough to wear anything too bright. I can't wait to try this on, I haven't swatched it but I'll take a picture of it on this week.
I'll use the first shade (L-R) on my brow bone, the second on my lid and the third on my eye crease.
The palette comes with a reasonable sized mirror and a little brush (which I usually throw away if its the sponge applicator but one side is a small angled brush which may be good!).
I love the Smashbox packaging, it's simple and chic. Although the rubber exterior does get really dirty but I think it can be wiped away with a wet cloth. I love the plain font, I think it's really classic.

I'd definitely recommend the Smashbox brand if you haven't tried it already, the products are amazing quality and good value. I've got a few products from Smashbox in the past and most of them I use every day.

I also got a sample of the Photofinish Primer (which I already have and love) and the High Definition Foundation which I'm excited to try. I love samples!

What are your favourite Smashbox products? Any recommendations?


  1. hugeeeee noms for smashbox! its so expensive though and the person at my local counter always looks like a cross dresser! oh the stress. xxx

  2. i have never tried anything by smashbox apart from a white eye liner ...which is great haha!!

    i love the colours in the palette!! that would be brilliant for everday eyes!! xox

  3. These products look amazing! I love the eyeshadow palette. I really want to get a few of the smashbox blushes =)

  4. love love love your blog!!! especially this layout it's gorgey! and love this 'smashbox' brand, gonna have to try them out! and thankyou but i really don't have tiny thighs! (you are like the only person to say i do haha) size 10 all the way!


  5. Your blog is really cute!
    Follow me? I'd be very happy if you do it!
    Thank you so much!

  6. The blushes look gorgeous!

  7. this post is lushhh, wish i could afford smashbox stuff, i really want the primer!xx