Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Simple Eye Makeup Corrector Pen

I was given this little lovely at work, but recently contacted to test it out anyway. I was pretty excited to have this first, as it's not out in store yet. I've been after one of these for SO LONG, as I've mentioned before I have a really unsteady hand. It takes me a few attempts to do my eyeliner flicks in the morning, and I usually need a few wet cotton buds to clean up the mess so I can re-do it. Sometimes I can go through 3 or 4 cotton buds trying to get my eyeliner even (not artistic in the slightest...) so you can imagine how happy I was when this fell into my little hands.
The pen replaces the annoying cotton buds, which is economical & saves me a lot of time. It'll also be great for travelling, which I always seem to be doing.
The pen nib is pointed which makes it really accurate and easy to get to those hard to reach places (ie fixing eyeliner at the corner of your eye). One thing I have noticed about this pen is that you need to have face wipes ready to just clean the nib after use, but who doesn't have a steady supply of wipes handy?
I've since found out that this pen is great for cleaning up my smudged mascara, I have quite long eyelashes which means my mascara smudges on to my brow bone whilst it's drying and also throughout the day. It's also really useful for tidying up eyeshadow fallen on to my cheek whilst I'm applying it.

I don't think there's anything else like this on the market at the moment, so it's great to find such a useful product which actually works.
Of course, as with all Simple products, the gentle non-greasy formula means it's perfect for the delicate eye area but also cleans up waterproof mascara. Win!

The product is exclusive to Boots stores, and will be out on Wednesday 23rd March. It is priced at only £4.99.


  1. Ooo i need this baby in my life!! Will have to buy it when it comes in store =] xx

  2. This sounds really handy! I am guilty of eyeshdow fallout, especially with some ud eyeshadows as they have alot of glitter. xo


  3. Oooo interesting! I'll have to take a closer look at this!

  4. Really can't wait for this - looks amazing! <3 x x

  5. Oh this sounds great, i'll definately be giving it a try when it comes out!xx

  6. Sounds great!... but kinda reminds me of the fountain pen ink erasers. I love Simple though, I'm a addicted to their eye roll on!


  7. wow reall wanna try this, sounds really helpful!! xox

  8. This sounds like a Godsend to me, I'm a mess at applying liquid liner!

  9. I cannot WAIT for this <3 xo

  10. This sounds so useful! ill keep my eye out when it comes out :)


  11. i have a revlon one of these from a discount beauty store and they are great for removing mascara smudges!

  12. i love simple and this looks great! xxx

  13. this looks perfect! i'm also a cotton-bud cleanup queen. i'm definitely going to be getting this. you do really great reviews!

    january, x

  14. i will definately be buying this prouct! really great review - thankyou! :)
    nicola xxx