Saturday, 5 March 2011

The Body Shop Warming Mineral Mask & NOTD.

A week or so ago I bought this Body Shop Warming Mineral Mask, and I said I'd do a full review on it. I've been using it once or twice a week, and I think it's worth sharing how good it is. I'm a fan of clay masks, I think Kaolin Clay is great for drawing out all the impurities, and is especially good for oily skin as its very absorbent. I'm also a massive fan of warming masks, I love the way they feel on my skin and it really helps to open up pores for optimum cleaning. It also contains "ginger and cinnamon oils to invigorate and algae to purify and condition". 
I love using natural, mineral ingredients. I always try (and mostly, fail) to use natural ingredients on my skin because I don't believe theres any need for anything synthetic. 

The mask is quite thick, and warms when rubbed in to the skin which opens the pores. I use a mask after exfoliating, so my skin is cleared of dead cells and the mask can cleanse deeper. I try and not leave it on for too long either because apparently it can starve the cells of oxygen (possibly an urban myth!) but sometimes I've watched all of Take Me Out before I realise that I still have my face mask on... 

The product leaves my face so soft, cleansed and refreshed. I get a few blemishes afterwards because the clay draws out all the bad stuff, but after a while it clears up so it's worth it in the long run. 
It also gives my skin a bit more of a matte appearance, especially as sometimes my t-zone can be a tiny bit oily. Kaolin clay isn't usually recommended for dry skin, but the mask does state it's suitable for all skin types. I'd definitely recommend this for anyone who needs a deep cleanse, especially if you wear a lot of makeup and need to give your skin a rest and clear out pores. 
I think I will repurchase this, as I can't fault it. 

Last night, out of sheer boredom, I did a little nail art. Which is impressive for me as I'm the most impatient person in the world! My hands are so shaky as well, what is with that? My left hand is a farce, which is why it's a bit bare (I'll pretend it was meant to be like that). 

I used Models Own Top Turquoise and Coral Reef polishes. I think it turned out quite well considering I am in no way artistic! I used Gem Fatale's tape nail tip as well, which was an absolute winner so you should definitely check it out. 


  1. Your nail art looks pretty good!

  2. You know what the colour scheme reminds me of? National Insurance cards! Well, before the Tories came in and stopped issuing them *forever angry that I didn't get one*

    Anyway, looks great!

  3. Those nails are seriously so cute! Love them! xo

  4. you are gorg!! love love love your blog, literally just ran to go click the follow button lol great job hunnie x

  5. i love those nails !!! so pretty xoxo

  6. I loveee these nails! Going to buy some similar colours tomorrow I think, I love the combination.

    Btw I just found your blog and I love it so much! Just been reading lots of your old posts, I havent wanted to do that with a blog for ages :)

    Chloe... x

  7. thanks for the great review, I would love to try this! Love the nails too =)

  8. niceeee nails :D i love experimenting with new patterns on mine. :)

  9. That mask sounds lovely... I love masks.. I might just give this ago.. I need something that is deep cleansing..

    Thanks for sharin =)