Monday, 7 March 2011

Monday, Monday, Monday.

Today I decided to have a look at the No7 range, because I have so many £5 off vouchers. I quite like their skincare, but as I've already bought a heap of new products this week I decided to check out the makeup and the new Exquisite Curl Mascara caught my eye.
I'd heard good things about the mascara, and I'd never tried a No7 mascara before (that I can remember, anyway) so I decided to purchase. With the mascara, you get a free eye shadow palette as well and because of my voucher, I got both products for £8! The mascara is usually £13.

This is the "Define and Shimmer" eye palette, which is made up of a shimmering white/gold, a shimmering light green, plum and purple. It also comes with a brush too, which may come in handy.
Usually, when buying an eye palette I stick to natural colours such as beige, gold and browns so getting this free will hopefully inspire me to experiment a bit more with eyeshadow looks.

The eyeshadows are all highly pigmented, and are speckled with gold. I'm not sure how I would wear the green shadow, but I absolutely love the other shades. Definitely a dark purple smokey eye in the making.

I haven't tried the mascara yet because I already have mascara on, but the brush is curved with brush bristles (rather than rubber ones). At the moment I'm still loving my Maybelline One by One mascara which has rubber bristles (you can see the post here) and works really well for me. Hopefully this No7 mascara will be even better!

When I was on my way to the till, I spotted L'Oreal Derma Genesis Pore Minimising Serum in the clearance section for a whole £4.50! I'd been eyeing this up recently, at the full price of over £16, so I was so pleased to see it marked down under £5.
I haven't tried a serum before, as most of them are anti-aging and I'm only 20! I have massive pores (i'm sure i've mentioned them before...) so anything to shrink them is my friend.
I'm going to give this a shot and then do a post on it properly. Exciting!

I also bought this Garnier Fresh Essentials cleanser because Hannah had mentioned how much it had helped her skin. I mentioned yesterday that I needed a new cleanser, and I'll try anything to help my skin so hopefully this will clear it up a bit.

I also made some Oreo cupcakes today! Which makes it a totally productive day off. Om nom noms.


  1. Your cupcakes look fab :)

    You are never to early to start using anti-ageing products imho. The most important anti ageing thing is a high spf used daily but all these serums marketed at ageing skin wont do you any harm :)

    Will you do a review of the mascara once you have used it a few times? xo

  2. Thats a great deal! I might spend my voucher the same way :)

    Also the cakes look incredible!

  3. No7 Vouchers are the best things ever!

  4. Oh wow that L'oreal Pore Minimising Serum looks really good, might have to try and hunt it down!

    Thanks for the mention hun, the Garnier cleanser is soooo good so I hope you like it! :) xx

  5. those oreo cupcakes look absolutely amazing, i'm tempted to try and make some myself! i'd also be interested to hear what you think of the serum as i've been looking for some good pore minimising products recently x

  6. I bought that too on Saturday! I wore the brown shade today to school, very natural looking.

  7. Those cupcakes look TO DIE FOR xoxo

  8. Those Oreo cupcakes look AMAZIINGG!!!! I wish I ate chocolate!!

    You may like to take a look at my MAC and H&M (plus some Natural Collection lipsticks) giveaway here

    OOOHHH and congrats for being in Bloglovin's Up and Coming!!!

  9. i also have huge pores=bane of my life! Will check out your serum review post and if it works I'll definitely get myself some!

  10. Nom, nom those cupcakes look amazing! My friend just baked oreo cupcakes today, lol!