Sunday, 27 March 2011

NARS Lamu Multiple & Roman Holiday Lip Pencil.

These were my first ever NARS purchases, I've always been wanting to buy some NARS but the products are a bit on the expensive side. The multiple is £29 usually, which is a lot of money for something you've never tried before. In the end, I spotted these two products on a blog sale and snapped them up - almost unused, too. This products have made me a massive NARS fan, so I'm currently browsing ASOS for a little something else, maybe a blush.

I bought the Lamu Multiple, I've always been after a Multiple - a multipurpose stick for cheeks, lips, eyes and body. Lamu is described as a glazed apricot with a golden sparkle. It's a bit like a bronzer actually and the gold sparkle was quite obvious when I put it on my cheeks, a bit much for daytime but gorgeous for evening.
I was actually surprised about this product because although its a stick, it comes out dry and really easy to blend - more like a powder. I was expecting it to be sticky like a lipstick but it's so lovely and blendable. The swatches above show the Lamu multiple and then also it blended in the next picture. Such a gorgeous product, it would look gorgeous on tanned skin so perfect for summer.
I reckon I would probably use this most as a highlighter/bronzer on my cheekbones for when I'm going out, but also maybe on my eyes. I can imagine this looking gorgeous on darker skin, too.

The second NARS product I got was the Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Roman Holiday, a lovely light pink. After my encounters with the Topshop lip pencils I thought this would also be quite drying on my lips especially as it's quite a light colour. This is a lot more moisturising than the Topshop lipsticks, my dry lips don't need so much prep and the colour doesn't show up so much of the dryness.
The colour is lovely too, I love light pink lip colours. I never expect lip products to stay on for long (probably because i'm constantly eating...) but this is actually quite long lasting.
It's really easy to apply, the pencil nib makes it easy to get a nice lip shape especially around the cupids bow and the colour glides on.

I've really been converted to a NARS obsessive, the packaging is absolutely gorgeous - so classic and simple. The colours are both gorgeous and the quality is excellent.
What are your favourite NARS products?


  1. NARS is my favorite, glad that you finally got to try it! I love all my NARS products which include blushes in Taj Mahal and Armour, and the kalahari eyeshadow duo. Hoping the get some more in the future.! xo

  2. I will want to try some NARS products, but sadly they're out of my price range! That lip pencil looks lovely, such a pretty shade of pink! xxx

  3. Lovely. I have South Beach and Orgasm multiples but I never use them! x

  4. The lip pencil looks gorgeous. I've never tried anything from NARS I've been tempted ever since ASOS made them available on their site though. I would love to buy one of their lipsticks!

  5. NARS products are great :) In my last post I actually swatched and talked about all of my NARS eyeshadow duos, check it out if you want!!

  6. Nars Cream Blush in the shade "Penny lane" is amazing. : )

  7. i've never tried nars, because it's quite expensive, but maybe one day when i have some more money i can invest in some quality make up like this.

    january, x

  8. I really want to try some NARS make up now!

  9. Nars orgasm blush - Everyone will say this though, haha! To be honest I've not tried much else - Its pretty damn expensive! I love the packaging though, its almost furry feeling o_O

  10. I only own a blush from Nars in Luster but you have got me craving one of the multiples now!