Tuesday, 8 March 2011

17 Vintage Collection.

photobooth picture. 

I ordered some of the lovely things from the 17 Vintage Collection online, because it wasn't in store and I really, really wanted them and didn't want them to sell out, which they will do!
I bought the two eyeshadow palettes, Perfect Pastels and Metallic Nudes and the blusher in First Flush. I love bright pink blushes so this looks like it's going to be such a lovely bright colour. 

How cute is the packaging? I absolutely adore it, so cutesy and vintage (obviously...). The colours are so pigmented, to be honest I've never really bought anything from 17 since I was younger because I really thought it was generally marketed at younger girls but I'm pleasantly surprised with the quality of these palettes. They sweep on so well and can be blended easily. The colours go so well together too, and they look so lovely.
The best thing about these palettes is the price, for £5.49 each (available here) you get great quality eyeshadow palettes, each with six gorgeous shades complete with a reasonable sized mirror and double ended applicator. They look so cute on my dressing table too.
I'd definitely recommend getting these, if they're still available near you (or order them online like I did).

A gorgeous bright pink colour blush, which I got for free in the Boots 3 for 2 deal. I really love buying blushes, and I have a similar blush to this which is a cream blush but I'm more into wearing powders as they just work better on my skin.
I think this will be my go to blush for the next few months!

I also got a few other nice things from Boots, which I will be posting about when I have used them and have an opinion on them.
Thanks for all the lovely comments recently too. If there's anything you'd like me to review, just get in touch! 


  1. I really want the neutral palette, but they are all sold out in my local Boots. The packaging is adorable :)

    Bel' xxx

  2. That neutral palette looks AMAZING! I want! xo


  3. Those are seriously cute!!xx

  4. The presentation is very pretty, but I don't really like overly shimmery nudes as such :P

  5. i think they look gorgeous but like you i rarely buy anything from 17!!

    i really like the golds/nude one xox

  6. Yeah, I've been wanting something from that range - my mum has the the Metallic Nudes palette, and I have been thinking about maybe be borrowing (I sau borrowing but...) it!
    I love the packaging so much too!



  7. I really want the neutrals one, i had the last one in my hand in 'my' boots the other day but put it back! thinking it won't be there now :/ xx

  8. Ha, nah I'm a little copycat! Buttt, I actually bought the metallic nudes palette yesterday! It was actually what distracted me from remembering to pick up my developed film. It was the only one left, I love it I think I might actually have to buy another. x

  9. I have the neutral palette and love it! I also got first flush and love it too! Love a bright pink blush :) x

  10. Damn you, now I'm going to have to get the Metallic palette.

  11. I gave you an award on my blog, have a good day.