Sunday, 21 August 2011

Review: Mavala.

I was recently sent some Mavala products to try out, a brand which I've never tried before but I often have a look at their nail polishes at work as the colours are gorgeous.
I was sent three nail polishes, and they were all the most amazing colours! If I had picked the colours myself, I'm almost certain I would have chosen these three. Cyclades Blue is the lovely cornflower blue you can see first in the top picture, I don't own any polishes like this and I really love it.
Next is Blue Curacao, a gorgeous teal/blue. I love the colour teal, I think it suits everyone and can be worn with any colour. I can't wait to try out some nail art matching up different shades with this colour.
Lastly, Waikiki Orange (third in the first picture) is a beautiful coral pink colour, which is probably my "go to" nail colour. For some reason I'm always instantly attracted to coral polishes, and this is my new favourite!

I was so pleased I got the Nutritive Nail Cream as my nails have been horrific recently, not only have the nails been really brittle but my cuticles are really dry and splitting. I find my nail polish remover is extremely drying, and after using it my nails are so dry and look awful. I put some of this Nail Cream on and they instantly looked so healthy. It's meant to be slathered on at night, but I think a tiny bit during the day can help a lot as well. It's not really greasy, and I can see it working already. My cuticles and nails are both looking a lot healthier and moisturised.
If you haven't already got a good nail and cuticle cream, I really recommend this as it's one of the best I've tried.

Finally, I was also sent a lovely lipstick in Euphoric Orange, a bright red/orange shade which is extremely pigmented. I don't own any orange/red shades but I do love the way this looks on me. It's one of the creamiest lipsticks I've tried as well, so no dried out lips.

Overall, I'm massively impressed with the quality of Mavala products. The nail colours are gorgeous, and will hopefully inspire me to try out some more nail art soon!


  1. the lipstick looks lovely, such a nice colour
    and I really like the greeny blue nail colour
    nice review

  2. Loovely nailpolishes colours!

  3. I have one of their nailpolishes from the Art collection or something it's amazing! The quality is great!

  4. Ooh I love those nail polishes, and the lipstick is gorgeous! It's good the ones they sent you suited you so well! xx
    Sirens and Bells

  5. lovee the lipstick colour!

  6. That lipstick is such a gorgeous colour! :) x

  7. These are all gorgeous colours! - I especially love the lipstick x

  8. i used to use the mavala 'stop biting' polish when i (disgustingly) used to bite my nails and it worked really well, i've never tried any of their colours though, they look beautiful! the cuticle cream looks great aswell, i'll have to keep an eye out for it!

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  9. it is so disappointing when I see great products that aren't sold in the US, the lipstick looks really nice on your coloring. And I would totally get the blue polish if I could!

  10. I love the colour of the lipstick, it's gorgeous!