Thursday, 4 August 2011

Wishlist #7: Escentual

I'm trying not to spend any money in preparation for London, but it doesn't stop me making little (okay, massive) wishlists at, I've never purchased from here before but I've heard good things and I love shopping different brands online. 
Most of the items I've chosen here are products/brands I've never tried before for various reasons, but I'd love to get my hands on. 

01. Clarisonic Mia; I've been after a Clarisonic for so long, I've seen such good reviews on them and I love the idea of a deep cleanse. The Mia is a smaller size, which is perfect for me as I always seem to be travelling. I love that they come in a variety of colours too. I wouldn't even know which one to choose, maybe the blue. 

02. Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blusher; I saw a review on this a while ago, and I'm yet to try it out. I do like powder blushers usually just because they're easier but I love the idea of this, it seems like it would be so natural and just giving a light "flushed" look. I can't chose between Cherub and Flush! Has anyone tried this product before?

03. Too Faced Look of Love Bag; this little collection is such a bargain, as most of the products are full size. I've got the Too Face Naked Eye palette which I love, and I think the quality is great but that's all I've tried from the Too Faced range really. I love that this set comes with everything you'd need, including a cute kabuki brush, mascara and makeup bag. It's definitely worth the £32 and something I shall be saving up for! 

04. Stila One Step Correct; Stila is another brand which has somehow bypassed me completely, although we now have it in my Boots so at least I can swatch and test. I like this idea of this corrector, especially as my skin is a bit awful at the moment. Something to smooth it over and take away any redness would go down well with me. I like the idea of primers, and I do have a few but I haven't really found one which really works with my skin. 

05. Clarins Daily Energizer Cream; This range had a massive launch, I wish I had bought one of the kits they were doing when the range first came out. I'm trying to stick to/use up the skincare products I have, but once I work my way through them, the Clarins Daily Energizer range is top of my list. I love the idea of radiant looking skin. 

What do you think of my wishlist? Have you tried any of these products? Check out for more great products!


  1. I love your wishlist, lol!

    I'm desperate for a Clairsonic, but I just can't afford it at the moment. And that Stila correcter looks amazing, if it does indeed smooth skin and hide redness, which is my skin's greatest crime.

    I shall definitely check out that website!

  2. I really want to try some stuff from Too Faced!

  3. I really want a clarisonic too, didn't know you could get them in different colours ahhh!! I had a sample of the Clarins moisturiser and didn't love it as I didn't find it moisturising enough... Hope you manage to get hold of some of the things on your wishlist soon! xx

  4. My friend mentioned Stila to me and told me it was really good so I might have to have a good nose at some products when I'm in Boots!

  5. This is a good wishlist! I love the sound of Clarins Daily Energiser, but I'm trying to use up my products before I buy more too! xx
    Sirens and Bells

  6. Oh ive never heard of that blusher before but i think it looks fab, i have been using a bourjour one for years, its powder and i really love it but i ihave been wanting to try and new one for a change and this looks great, im off to check it out! Fab post!

  7. Your wishlist is now my wishlist, haha! I think im going to have to finally get the Clarisonic, everyone rates so highly. X

  8. I love Daniel Sandler water colour blush, I have it in Cherub and I have pretty pale skin... it gives me a really nice rosey glow, I'd say definitely one to go for out of the wishlist! :P


  9. I so want a clarisonic, and just how pretty is the Stila primer? I want it for that alone!


  10. i really like Stila products, didn't know they are in Boots now! x

  11. I've not tried any of these but I like the sound of the Stila one step correct xx

  12. i have the full daily energisers range, mind you most of my skincare is clarins (mainly because i have such annoying sensitive, dry skin :() - and i can honestly say, clarins has completeley changed the texture, tone and feel of my skin! id really recommend the cream moisturiser,even if you have maybe more combination skin, becasue it sinks in like a dream, with no oily residue :D hope this helps!

    also, i love the look of the stila primer... i have a few of their face products - foundations, convertible cheek colours etc, all of which have been brilliant! :D