Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Boudoir Prive - August.

The main reason I signed up to Boudoir Prive is to blog about it, so even though you may have seen some posts on this previously, I want to share my views on it. When I did my first post on Glossybox, I was worried everyone would tire of the same posts but in truth, not many people had heard of the service.
Boudoir Prive is similar to Glossybox in that it's a monthly subscription which brings you samples of products to try. It differs in many ways, and I personally think Boudoir Prive caters to a different type of person.

My first thoughts were how similar the actual boxes were physically (same colour, same padding inside). I found this quite odd, as they seem to be marketing themselves differently. I feel BP is more luxurious, with brands that would be found in elegant apothecaries which cater for an older or more sophisticated woman.
Glossybox seems to cover the known brands, and I think they've made themselves appeal more to the bloggers and magazine readers. Which is great and I do love my Glossybox, I think this is probably more for those who are happy with the brands they use and know of, and are comfortable with continuing to use these brands such as Illamasqua and NARS or trying similar brands in the same "league".

I love the way Boudoir Prive is about discovering new brands, those which are not packed into Debenhams beauty halls and instead have a touch of enigma surrounding them. Let's face it, we all like to be a bit pretentious in life, and this is a step up from the brands such as NARS and MAC etc.
I think understanding that the two services are aimed at different types of people, because not everyone likes the known brands and similarly, not everyone likes to try something new and unheard of!

In all honesty, theres pros and cons to both boxes which I think is what makes them so great. If you don't like the idea of one, you're bound to go for the other box.
Bourdoir Prive had some amazing products which I can't wait to try, especially the Lash Extender and Conditioner (something I've been meaning to try for some time) and the Hair Repair treatment. I love the way Boudoir Prive have separated their samples into sections - Skincare, Fragrance, Lifestyle etc. and the handwritten note was a lovely touch!

If you were to ask me which box I prefer, I'm not sure I would be able to choose. I do like the brands which have so far been in the Glossyboxes, but at the same time, I like to be the first to try new "exclusive" brands and it's often where you find the gems!
I've had some time to fall in love with my Glossybox, so we'll see how Bourdoir Prive keep me interested.


  1. Kate I totally agree with everything you said, I personally love that they are different and look forward to their box every month :-)

  2. I haven't bought into either of these boxes yet, but I do prefer the idea of discovering brand which are to new to me for a cheaper price, because with Illamasqua, Nars etc I kind of already know what I want to try, so would rather just buy those, than reply on being sent them in the Glossybox... if that makes sense! xx

  3. Ooh sounds great, love the packaging.

    Sadie xx


  4. i'm going to sign up to glossbox i think. i need some help with products and i'm hoping they can put me on the right path. probably need to learn the basics before i go for the fancier things ;o)

  5. im still in school so i dont really have the money to sign up for this but i think its such a good idea and the boxes are so cute! i would love to get a box of beauty goodies every month hehe xx


  6. i'm definitely considering signing up for either the glossy box or boudoir prive and i'm kind of swaying for the latter - who doesn't like to try something new?
    plus, the packaging is so lovely :) always a plus! :')



  7. This is a really great post! I signed up for Boudoir Prive the other day and am really looking forwards to it. As you said, I don't think I'd be able to decide between the two - it's fantastic to try new things AND get samples of products I know and would love to try but often can't afford to on a student budget. I also found the undeniably similar packaging slightly odd!

    Anna | http://www.anna-sofia.org/blog

  8. I have just ordered my first glossy box and now I am really tempted with Boudoir Prive!! Thankyou for sharing this xx xx


  9. I'd definitely agree that they're marketed towards two completely different groups - and I wouldn't be surprised if they're run by the same parent company, even their websites are quite similar!
    I'm sticking to the Glossybox for now, just because I feel that I'm more likely to get use out of products from brands I recognise, but I can definitely see the draw of the Boudoir Prive box - if I had £20 a month to spare, I'd probably opt for both, honestly! xx

  10. Hi Kate! This is Veronica from Boudoir Prive. Congratulations on a wonderful blog post! We really loved it because it was very honest and insightful and you have grasped what Boudoir Prive is about! We are not specifically aimed at older, more mature women but definitely beauty junkies that want to discover new, luxurious things. The brands in our box will be a mix of mainstream and niche brands from all over the world!

  11. Is there an option to have a box every other month? Was thinking I might alternate between a Glossybox and one from Boudoir Prive? Has anyone else tried this?