Friday, 26 August 2011

Updates: 35mm.

A few pictures from the last week, which has mainly consisted of baths with Lush bath bombs, painting my nails and having copious amounts of honey and lemon drinks because I've been ill!
I ordered a few new Models Own polishes in the sale (like everyone else!) which is pretty exciting! I've never really been interested in nails before, but now I'm obsessed!

I'm planning on heading down to London next Thursday & Friday for the Glossybox event, is anyone else planning on going? I hardly ever make it to London because it's an expensive journey for just a few hours but I thought I may as well! I'm looking forward to moving to London, and it's good to get myself familiar with the big smoke before I move! I'm going to be such a n00b! Send help.

I've also emailed my Aussie giveaway winners, so if that was you... please reply ASAP! Thanks.


  1. London's amazing but confusing.
    I live like half an hour away by train and head into the city a few times a month.
    Make sure you've memorized the transport system, its soo easy to get lost (like I did on Monday).

  2. Honey and lemon mmm. Perfect. You should definitely go to the event. Will definitely be worth it. And I've emailed you back. Thank you for picking me! xx

  3. Greats minds think alike, I've just posted my own snaps from the week! I hope you had fun with the Fizz Wiz, It's the ultimate kiddie sweet :) xx

  4. i love Lush AND Aussie! They both smell divine!
    Ooo have fun at the Glossybox event!
    Don't know if you know this but you can get really cheap fares like under £10 on - i tend to buy my fares from them, but the price depends on what time of the month and blah - sounds like im advertising them haha!!
    Krissy xoxo

  5. Looks like a great few days :) I love lush baths! Looks like you have loads of great colour nail polishes! x

  6. It's good to get lost in a city... that's when you find some gems! I live in London and you can never know every single area. It's fun! I bought some nail varnishes too!

  7. I've never made the lemon and honey with hot water drink, I hate the taste of it so I try to avoid it. When I'm full of cold I usually have tea and some day/night nurse. When I take the Night Nurse it knocks me straight out and I'm dead to the world until the next morning. I definitely recommend it!

    I'd love to go to the Glossybox event, or even go to London seeing as I've never been. Living up North is such a pain!

    Beth |

  8. Ah I love going into London - although I do know the city fairly well so it doesn't overwhelm me too much.

    Love the picture of the polishes, I'm cultivating my own collection - and also added to it in the Models Own sale!

  9. I'm the same with London events, but I love it once I'm there! Have fun at Glossybox :)

  10. I knew from the first photo that those were from lush, love that shop!

    Eda ♥

  11. i havnt tried any lush bath products but im sure youll emjoy using them

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