Monday, 18 June 2012

Video: MAC Lipstick Collection.

I finally filmed my MAC lipstick collection video, after quite a few people requested it. If you could open the video in YouTube to view description & subscribe I would be very happy!

Any video requests would be appreciated too. x


  1. I think the lighting is just fine! It was a good video :) I love MAC's lipsticks so it's always nice to see other reviews about them :)


  2. thank you for sharing! shy girl was my first too. I only got it recently and this has helped in my choosing of my next one!

  3. Great video, I have a lot of the same lipsticks as you but Hue is my all time favourite MAC lipstick.

  4. Thanks for sharing your collection! I always like to see what other colors girls are using and how it looks. I've only stuck to one so far- Angel. I'm love the light pink tone and how chic it looks. The only thing I noticed about the MAC lipsticks are that they don't stay on my lips for very long. (it could just be me.) I'll have to look into Shy Girl. ^_~

  5. What a great collection! mac lipsticks generally dont stay on my lips that long either but there high quality!

    The Fashion Cyclist