Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Video: Favourite Foundations.

I have a rather large foundation collection so in this video I've narrowed down my favourite ones and explained why I like them. Please subscribe and let me know your thoughts!
Open in YouTube and I will get back to you via YT comments if you have any questions :)

Thank you. xo.


  1. Absoultely love your videos! You sound so cute :)

  2. I desperately want to try the Estee Lauder Double wear foundation after hearing so many amazing reviews about it! I'm currently using a drugstore foundation - revlon photoready and really like it x
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  3. I really need a new foundation and I'm really keen to try Nars!


  4. Totally eyeing the Benefit foundation! <3

  5. Love my Nars foundation, just got it recently myself, find it great as my skins quite dry :)

  6. the NARS and chanel i've really been meaning to try. i recieved a sample of the benefit, and i actually really liked it! (besides the fact that it sort of oxidized. maybe i just need a lighter shade?) MUFE's foundation i've tried, and i thought it was a waste of $40 :( but then again, i color-matched myself, and i think i picked the wrong shade. but i'd totally try it again!
    my bank account just needs some time to recover. i recently bought dior's skin nude ($53. yikes!) it's amazing, but SO spendy!


  7. I love Estee Lauder Double Wear! I really want to try makeup forever hd! xx


  8. i've wanted the MUFE HD foundation for AGES, never really got round to getting it because there are no stockists of it around here! so gutted as everyone seems to have such a high opinion of it!

  9. Hey, do you live in Welling? I was speaking to another blogger and when I mentioned I live in Falconwood/Welling she mentioned you :) x

  10. I wish I got on with estee lauder double wear but I just cannot make it look nice on my skin, its too drying. jealous of the girls that can.



  11. EL Double Wear is my favourite as well! I wouldn't buy anything else, it's already perfect. When I want it to look really natural, I just use three little drops of it, and that's how I usually wear it.

  12. EL double wear is my favourite, especially for the wintwr or nights out when I want it to last. I am very similar colouring to you and have the same shade, and I also have no faults. I would like to try the others too though for times when double wear is not needed.

  13. I have only ever tried the Chanel foundation out of your list and didn't get on with it. I really want to try the Nars Sheer Glow and Estee Lauder Double Wear.


  14. Great reviews hun! I hate the MUFE HD on my skin.. Felt it was way too heavy and obvious on me.. I love the Chanel aqua for an easy everyday look.. Estee lauder double wear or guerlain lingerie de peau for evenings.. The guerlain has a more dewy finish and does last pretty long too.. It's an amazing foundation..

  15. Lovely review! There are definitely a few here that I'd love to try out. The big issue with me is finding a match. I've currently been on a bit of a drustore foundation run, but your recs are making me want to check out these higher end foundations I've been interested in the past. Bad for my wallet!! Thanks for the great post and video!


  16. really wanna try the Benefit one but i find it hard to liquid foundations that dont dry out my skin.

    Love this video