Thursday, 22 March 2012

Review: Smashbox Beauty To Go Eye Palette.

I've blogged in the past about my love for Smashbox products, especially eye shadow palettes. Their eyeshadows are great quality and I always love the shades.
Most of my eyeshadows are nudes, golds, beiges etc. (i.e pretty boring) so I was excited to receive this pretty little palette which has an array of gorgeous shades.

I'm still experimenting with eye shadows, I've only recently started wearing anything on my lids on a daily basis - in the past I've only really worn it when I go out or when I have time. Now I find myself slapping on eyeshadow most days and I really like how it looks on me. It's funny how you can be so set in your ways for so long and then you just change your mind all of a sudden.

I've really enjoyed using this palette, although I have to be honest and admit that only the more neutral shades have been truly used. As per, the quality is excellent and the shades make me dribble a bit.
I've got a couple of the Lid Primers and I really like them, even when I'm not wearing eyeshadow it's great to ensure mascara and eyeliner stays smudge-free. 

Hopefully I will try out some of the brighter shades in future, maybe as eyeliner at first to give my lower lash line a pop a' colour.
There's also an "Eye Wish" book which fits nicely in to the box, this shows quite a few looks which can be created using the palette.

How would you wear the brighter shades? Will you be purchasing the palette any time soon? 

NOTE: This palette is coming up on Buyapowa soon so I shall be tweeting the link! 


  1. I love smashbox... Ive not yet tried any anyshadows from them, always stuck to lipglosses and primers but their products are always great quality :)

    Quite tempted to give this palette a try - number 2 and 9 look lovely! xxx

  2. I'm definitely a neutral girl when it comes to eye shadows but these colours are so pretty! would love to see some photos of when you use the brighter shades! :) xx

  3. These look awesome, love the range of colours! A few of them look rather cream based, is that so or are they just shimmery? xx

  4. Looks like a great and varied collection of colours. Smashbox isn't a brand I head to straight away, but everything always looks great.
    All of my shadows are nudes/neutrals too, I never wear bright shadows (maybe a blue every now and again)
    I look forward to watching this on buyapowa, haha.

    Kyrie x

  5. Ah it's gorgeous! I've got so many palettes though and I only ever use the more neutral colours :)x

  6. Oo I'm a big fan of smashbox, love the packaging. Great post :)

  7. ooh nice colors!

  8. I love your makeup purchases and I am actually watching your current video right now. lol

    -Lily <3

  9. This palette looks really good, I love the colours in it.

    Jess x

  10. Great shades! I don't tend to wear much other than neutrals, or dark smoky colours on my eyes anymore. When I was 18 I was a lot more adventurous with colour. Though I would get great use out of them all anyway as an mua.

    Would love to see some of these shades on!

  11. I love the smash box palette personally I go for neutrals all over and splash of the more daring colors in the out corner then its not to OTT

  12. This looks really nice, I love the packaging. If I'm going to wear brighter colours (which isn't that often) I use them in the outer corner or on my lower lash line depending on the shade. xx

  13. I managed to get this palette from Buyapowa and I'm so so glad I did. It's the first Smashbox product I own because they're not a brand I've had particular interest in before, but I love this. The brighter colours aren't massively pigmented so while still a nice shade aren't too bright so are totally wearable.
    I love the purples in this, they're my favourite colour to wear.

  14. I used to work for Smashbox, and since this palette, their eyeshadows have actually gotten better! However, they are pulling out of debenhams, so I'm not sure where they will be available in the UK.