Friday, 17 February 2012

Review: SUPER by Dr. Perricone. LUSH LIPS.

I was sent this product to review as it's currently on Buyapowa, the website where the prices of the product drop as more people buy. Personally, I think the website is a great idea. I've already purchased from here before and found it an excellent way to save a bit of money. 

Super is the diffusion line of Dr. Perricone, I've posted about the range before here and I was really pleased with the results. 
I'm really difficult when it comes to lip balms, my lips are mostly very dry but I'm really picky about lip balms. 
This balm is a winner with me as it doesn't have that awful synthetic taste/smell to it, which often comes with coconut-scented products. It's also more of a butter, which means it sinks into lips so easily and doesn't have that "heavy" wet feeling. Personally, this is what I look for in a lip balm - a nice light product which I can't feel on my lips. This is also means it can be used on top of lipstick.

The price is a bit on the steep side, but you get what you pay for. It's definitely something to invest in if you are prone to dry lips. It's worth checking out the Buyapowa deal, and any other co-buys as they are a great way to save a bit of money. 

*Sent from Buyapowa for me to give my thoughts.


  1. this sounds lovely, will have to check out buyapowa sometime :)

  2. A product I definitly need, my lips are so dry at the moment.

    Eda ♥

  3. looks good:-)
    please check out my blog xo

  4. I've been using Carmex's lip balm tube and love it. I'm prone to dry lips so I'm keeping my eye on the price at Buyapowa!

  5. My lips are also very dry. Maybe I'll purchase this lip balm and see what happens :)
    Thank you :D

  6. great choice!
    twitter: @nyloncake

  7. Wow never heard of BuyPowa before! Just went on there and it's £9 now. Bargain xx

  8. I love buyapowa, just constantly watching it seeing what's on.

  9. I've been all about carmex recently but this could turn my eye! I've been looking for something new for a little while!

  10. i've lived on vaseline and other cheap lip balms since my lips started getting really dry and they've not always worked so to hear about a great product that really does get rid of dry lips (even if it is more expensive) is brilliant! thank you for this post as i definitely think i'll get it! X

  11. I am obsessed with all coconut oil products lately! I'm definitely going to have to check this one out :)