Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Glossybox January - Valentines Box & Glossybox Mens.

In an ideal world, I think I'd get a different coloured Glossybox every month! This box is a Valentines limited edition to get us ladies prepped and feeling good in time for Valentines.
Receiving my Glossybox is pretty exciting alone, but I was also sent some gorgeous roses from the lovely GB team also!

Upon opening this months Glossybox, I wasn't overly excited by what I found inside, but I know the aim of the box (for me, anyway) is to give new products a try. Recently I've found myself getting in to a bit of a rut in terms of cosmetics but I always find beauty boxes help me to discover new products.
I'm not massively bothered about using "natural" products like the Davines shampoo and cleansing balm I received. The shampoo has an odd "natural" scent which I don't particularly like, but the cleansing balm surprised me and I actually quite like it. So far I've only used it as a cleanser but it leaves a lovely barrier on my skin which feels soft and my skin feels cleansed.

The Murad primer was the product I thought I would love the most, I'm a big fan of their skincare and I love a good primer. This is quite a bit dark for me, and I didn't really see any difference after use. To be honest, I don't really want to get a "dewy glow" as I'm more about a matte look so this is something I've not really enjoyed using.

This may sound surprising, but I've never really tried Eyeko products before. I was really pleased when I got this eyeliner as it's a pinky/nude colour, and I've been looking for something similar to line the waterline of my eyes. This product is great for making eyes look more awake and less red. I'll probably give other products, such as the mascaras, a go after trying this.

Finally, the FAB Gentle Body Wash is another product I won't get much use out of. I love a lovely scented shower gel, and as this is "Gentle", it doesn't contain a perfume. I'll probably give this away as I have no use for it.

Overall, a pretty average box (apart from the box itself) this month. I can definitely appreciate that there's something for everyone in this box, but for me personally, the products aren't really anything I require or will get much use from.

Glossybox Mens 

I thought I'd include the first Glossybox Mens box, which was kindly sent to me by the lovely Glossybox guys. I sent this to my boyfriend whose only cosmetics pre-Kate was a tub of hair wax and Dove moisturiser (I kid you not), but he seems to really love the Glossybox for Men.

I love the idea of a Mens Glossybox, it's a great way to ease them in to looking after themselves if they don't already, and it helps to give them an idea of what they like and will actually use. Seeing Jordan happy with his GB made me feel a bit ungrateful, the way I raid through mine looking for the good bits and discarding the rest.

The assortment of products in this box is great, and definitely something worth looking in to if you have a man who needs a bit of help with products.
The mens box is quarterly and costs £17.95 per box, and contains 6 samples.


  1. I loved seeing what was in the february glossybox! but you cant buy the eyeko eyeliner anymore, boo:(


  2. love the idea of you showing us the mens box!
    please check out my blog xo


  3. I didn't really get the point of the design of the Eyeko eyeliner, wish I'd got the nudey colour instead of navy everyone seems to be raving about it! xx

  4. Great review! I can't wait to get my first beauty boxes this month!

  5. Oooh I have to get my boyfriend a Glossybox! He's currently using morrison's own shampoo and shower gel which is terrible news for me when I visit him x

  6. Glossybox is so cool! I wish I could get it! Love the blog!



  7. I loved both the boxes!


  8. Love this - what a great box, the guys one is fab, what a great gift to give your man too!

    Eda ♥


  9. You got exactly the same box as me :)

    I was quite happy with mine (the only downside for me was that my imagination thought different contents from a valentine's box) and get use of all the products. But as it has been said before it's about personal taste. My least favourite was probably the FAB wash as I don't have sensitive skin so also really like scented shower gels, but I still use it on days I'm not leaving the house :)

    Morag x