Sunday, 2 October 2011

Dermalogica mediBac Clearing Kit.

A few months ago I was sent this Dermalogica mediBac Clearing breakout treatment kit, if you've followed my blog for a while you'll know that my skin is on the oily side and I'm prone to blemishes. Dermalogica is a company that everyone raves about but not something I had tried before. At the time, my skin was awful so I jumped at the chance to review something that might help.

The kit contains the following:
1x Clearing Skin Wash 50ml 
1x Clearing Mattifier 15ml
1x Overnight Clearing Gel 15ml
1x Concealing Spot Treatment 3ml
1x Sebum Clearing Masque 22ml

(It also contains a small sample of the Oil Control Lotion which I'm yet to try).

They're all great trial sizes, and the wide range means you can find what works best for you. I used the Clearing Skin Wash twice a week as products like this can be quite drying if used regularly, which means your skin may produce more oil to combat the dryness. I found this wash wasn't as drying as most of the others I've tried before, it seems quite gentle as I didn't get that "tight", uncomfortable feeling afterwards which you get with most washes for blemish-prone skin.
It took a few days for my skin to show any improvement, but I've noticed now a few weeks after I've stopped using it (as I've finished the bottle) that my skin is returning to its old ways, so I'm actually thinking about repurchasing this. I think as far as treatment washes go, this is one of the most gentle ones I've used but it also worked well to clear up my skin.

The Clearing Mattifying is my favourite product from the range, you apply it to the oilier areas of your skin (I used this as a primer) and it absorbs excess oil which means skin is given a matte look. I find my T-Zone gets quite oily over the day, especially in warm weather, so this has become my most used product. It also contains salicylic acid, green tea and camomile to help prevent future blemishes and calm redness.
If you're looking for something to keep oil at bay, as well as helping blemishes then this is definitely something to invest in.

The Overnight Clearing Gel is another product which got a lot of use, most nights I will use this last to help clear away blemishes. I always use an overnight gel like this, they work wonders. Most can be very drying, and if used too much they can leave the skin flaky and dehydrated. I use this most nights and never see signs of my skin getting dry at all. It clears up the skin a bit quicker and helps to prevent further blemishes.

Of all the products, the Concealing Spot Treatment was the one I was most looking forward to trying. I'd heard great things about it, as well as seeing it in a magazine recently. It aims to help clear up the skin whilst also concealing it during the day. It sounds great, something I'd use a lot, however it wasn't actually something I found useful. I know a lot of people really love this, but I found it was a bit thin for me. It's a liquid and I found it was a bit hard to apply and it didn't really give much coverage/colour. Although it did help the skin, and took away the redness, I still needed to apply a concealer afterwards.

Lastly, the Sebum Clearing Mask is such a great product for helping control oily skin. I used this once a week to help clear up my oily areas it made my skin feel very fresh and clean and helped to reduce the size of the blemishes. Considering its a mask, this has lasted me a while as you only need a thin layer. The clay draws out impurities and really makes a difference to my skin.

What are your thoughts on the Dermalogica products? I want to try some of the washes from their other ranges, for normal/combination skin.


  1. Oooh I really want to try the Clearing Mattifying as I do suffer from oily skin and I'm aways on the look out for new skincare products to try.

  2. Omg I've been wanting to try the clearing mattifier, but now I am tempted to try the whole range.

  3. Really interesting, I've heard so much about dermalogica, would love to try some of their stuff! x

  4. I've never tried this before but my skin is so bad at the moment, i think i need this kit in my life! I feel like a teen again with all the break outs and temporary blemish scarring. Have no idea who to see about it as doctor says it will go away! Have been using Lancome cleanser, toner and moisturiser but it doesn't seem to "fix" things :( Will give this kit a go, though - thanks so much for blogging about it, i'd never even heard of this kit xxx

  5. I think im going to try this because I have such bad oily skin ill try anything to mattify it. Thanks :D xxx

  6. my skin isn't that bad (touch wood) but would love to buy these products for my bf n his skin is prone to acne has a really bad acne skin right now n oily too

  7. Dermalogica are fantastic. Really interested to see if this works on you! I have breakouts at 25! Nightmare!
    George |

  8. I tried the mediBac kit and it made me break out like crazy. It gave me the worst acne I've ever had and incredibly oily skin. Although I have to say that the clearing mattifier was good. Now I use Liz Earle stuff and my skin is so nice and smooth, apart from a bit of acne scarring! I hope Dermalogica works for you though.

  9. I had terrible adult acne a couple of years ago. After spending so much money on products with no results I tried Tge medibac range. My skin was noticeably clearer after a week. I now use the clearing skin wash twice a day and I no longer have acne. I love this range and could never use anything else. x