Friday, 6 May 2011

Video: Hair Tutorial.

A quick video on how I do my hair each day, as requested by a few of you. Nothing special, but here you go!
I hope you like it.

Not a lot going on with me to be honest, I'm going to Nottingham for my skincare training at work on the 15th so I'm really excited about that. My skin has been horrible recently. 
We're meant to be going out tonight but I'm in my pyjamas and starting to feel sleepy. Not sure if this will happen... I have work tomorrow at 9am eugh! 

I also reached 800 followers! Which means almost 900 including my bloglovin' followers, so thanks everyone! <3


  1. I did nearly exactly the same as you, i cut all my hair to above my ears and had the back shaved! i regretted it so so much but it needed doing. two years on my hair is way beyond my shoulders!
    If you want fine hair to hold when back combing, use the strongest hairspray you can - I use tresemme or Elnett because they are fine but give the strongest hold. When you grab a small section of hair, spray the hair between each comb. This will build up strength. It may look matted at first but you can smooth this with your brush and smooth the top layers of hair over. This won't leave you looking like a scene kid and shouldn't go flat after an hour, because rather than just spraying once once you've finished, you're spraying as you comb with each comb, making it stronger. Many celebrity stylists use this method to hold hair through long shoots!
    Sorry, you didn't ask for advice but it's just a little something! It may help you or someone!
    This video is excellent, your hair always looks immaculate!

  2. Congrats on the followers, that's amazing!
    I love how you do your hair. You always look so nice! xx

  3. great video :D and congratulations with 800 followers!
    nicola xx

  4. can't wait for your topknot tutorial. i've always wondered since you do have such short hair!

    january, x

  5. You're hair looks really nice, can't wait for the topknot video! xx

  6. Your hair is really cute <3 love it!
    and have you ever been Nottingham? I live there :)! xxx

  7. "I don't want to look like a scene kid from 2004" - haha, genius :) great video Kate x