Monday, 4 April 2011

Mundane Monday.

I recently won Gem's Boots competition, I was so pleased as I never win ANYTHING! The prize was any Boots product of my choosing (including Botanics, No.7 etc.)
I've become a massive fan of No.7 recently, I used to think it was mostly for older (and more elegant) women but having tried the Hot Cloth Cleanser and a few others it has become my new favourite brand. I decided on this Heavenly Hydration Moisture Mask because I'd seen it in Boots & the bottle makes me think of my favourite Twister ice creams!
I think it pays off to treat my skin once a week, giving it a good cleanse by exfoliating & using a nice mask. This made my skin lovely!
Although I didn't read the instructions (when do I ever?) and found out the hard way that you need to use a tissue to take off the mask after the 10 or so minutes. I used water and it was like a big creamy mess that wouldn't leave. So remember, if you use this, to remove it with a tissue or cotton wool and then wash your face!
Such a lovely product, I really recommend it if you don't already own this. Especially if you have dry skin in need of some hydration.

I recently became a Sigma affiliate! I've never bought anything of theirs, mainly because it's not available in stores in Britain (that I know of!) but I thought it would be good to be associated with them.
They sent me this little brush, a flat-top kabuki brush which is lovely! I'm sure lots of people have seen posts like this from various bloggers so I won't go on about it.
I've been using it for buffing powder into my face too set my makeup and I quite like the outcome. I've not used it enough yet to find out what it's best for, but so far so good.
I want to purchase a few more brushes from them, can anyone recommend any? I would also quite like the brush roll.

If you ever want to purchase anything from Sigma, you can click my link in the sidebar to get a free gift when you spend over $30 or more.
I didn't want to turn this into a commercial type post, but just thought I'd let you all know incase you hadn't seen this before!

I had a pretty average day today, hence the post title. I always have issues trying to think of blog titles.
I'm thinking of doing a blog sale soon too. Would anyone be interested?


  1. I've tried the No7 mask and I hated it!

    I've really dry skin but I found it didn't do anything. It was also REALLY stingy on my face. :( I don't even have sensitive skin, it's usually pretty hardy.

    I agree that their hot cloth cleanser is decent and I like their moisturisers.

  2. You guys are so lucky to have No7 products, they seem lovely! I am thinking of getting a brush roll from Sigma! xo

  3. I want to eat that mask! I've found No7 night moisturisers to be great for my dry skin so will have to give the mask a try.

  4. I have just bought that No 7 mask and I can't wait to try it. I have recently got interested in the No 7 products.

  5. Everyone raves about this brush, I'm seriously thinking of purchasing it... I didn't know that Sigma had an affiliate program with free gifts, etc. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Ooh good post! I've always wanted to try Sigma brushes but I can't find them anywhere :(

  7. Ooooh, that mask looks lovely, reminds me off summer, haha! Your in one of my favourite blog lists this week, i love your posts! But i have trouble with post titles too-usually gor whatever song im listening to at the time:')xxx

  8. I love No7 too. Couldn't do without the Protect and Perfect moisturisers!x

  9. blog sale sounds good :) xxx

  10. Woohoo, congrats on the fab products, I never win anything either, you lucky thing! What a great giveaway!

    Grace x
    secretly styled.

  11. so jealous of you being a sigma affliate!

  12. definitely do a blog sale!