Monday, 11 April 2011

Liz Earle Clear Skin Kit.

A few weeks ago I mentioned I got the Liz Earle Clear Skin Kit sent to me which was an absolute godsend as my skin has been awful recently! I'm a massive fan of Liz Earle, I love natural & organic products and her products are gorgeous. We have a store here in Leeds, so I have quite a few Liz Earle products.

The Clear Skin Offer is available online and in stores for the very reasonable price of £20.65
It includes a 50ml tube of the Gentle Skin Exfoliator, 75ml tube of Deep Cleansing Mask, 6ml roller-ball Spot On, two sponges & a hair band.

I've tried the full version of the Gentle Skin Exfoliator, and it's really good. The exfoliating particles are natural jojoba beads and aren't at all scratchy. It really buffs your skin, ridding it of dead skin cells & leaving it fresh and clear. It's one of the most gentle exfoliators I've tried.
The exfoliator preps the skin for the Deep Cleansing mask, creating a fresh layer to cleanse. This mask is particularly good for oily and/or blemished skin as the clay content absorbs excess oils but leaving those oils that are required (meaning the skin isn't stripped of natural oils, and left feeling tight and dry). The thing I first noticed about this mask is that for a clay mask it isn't so viscous meaning it applies really well and you're not wasting some of the product by applying too much. The sponges are amazing, I can't believe I haven't already invested in sponges to take off clay masks! I hate the usual hassle of trying to get the dried clay off my face, and seeing my cloths get all dirty!
The mask leaves my skin feeling so soft and a lot brighter and cleaner. I can always tell a mask has worked well when my nose feels really smooth, as the pores have been unclogged.

The roller ball spot treatment is essential for me, I always apply something to help get rid of my spots every night. I usually use tea tree oil as it's an antiseptic but its hard to apply from the bottle. My favourite thing about this product is the roller-ball, it makes application so easy and the spot treatment isn't visible on the skin which means it can be applied over makeup throughout the day if required. The spot treatment contains a blend of essential oils (including tea tree oil) to fight the spot-causing bacteria.
It really is a lovely product.

I'm really pleased with the outcome, I've been using this for a couple of weeks (only once or twice a week) and my skin looks a lot clearer as well as being radiant and generally looking a lot more healthy. I'm going to keep up this routine, along with a better diet, more sunshine and water, in order to get my skin looking better for summer. I'd love to be able to wear just a tinted moisturiser in summer!

Along this these products, I really do recommend the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser, the muslin cloth is really good at working with the product to unclog pores & remove every trace of makeup & other dirt.

The Clear Skin Kit is available for just £20.65 (a saving of £12.50!) but is only available until 23rd May!


  1. I think i may have to invest in this on pay day, sounds like just what i need.

    Thanks for the great review x

  2. I'd love to get away with wearing just a tinted moisturiser in the summer too - soo jealous of anyone who can! Lovely review hun - I'm going to have to try this myself. :) x

  3. I love the liz earle cleanse and polish! I think you've tempted me to buy this range too, the mask sounds laavly :)
    Rachelle xxx

  4. Liz Earle products always sound so lovely - the super simple, clean looking packaging appeals to me too. Definitely need to try some!

  5. Oooh, that's lovely! I want to try Liz Earle skincare so bad but they don't ship to my country :(

  6. You must be psychic - I was looking at this online yesterday and lamenting the fact payday is so far away. I definitely would like to try Liz Earle and the state my skin is in atm this sounds like just the job!