Monday, 13 June 2011

Festival Fashion.

TOPSHOP shorts, jacket & jumper. VANS shoes, RAYBANS sunglasses, URBAN OUTFITTERS pendant. 

If you follow me on twitter, you'll know I just got back from my first festival of the year which was Rockness in Inverness, Scotland. It was awesome fun! I'll hopefully be posting some pictures later, I'm just gathering them up from friends as most of mine are awful!

Instead of doing an outfit post (I was in a hotel with the boyfriend, he would never agree to take pictures of what I was wearing) I thought I'd do a post on an ideal festival outfit. The above is basically what I wore this weekend. 
I bought a quilted jacket from ASOS about two years ago, and I get so much use out of it. It's great for festivals as it's so warm. I went for a pair of denim shorts mainly because last year I wore jeans and the rain was on and off and it took ages for them to dry. Obviously, I wore thick black tights with the denim shorts. 
I didn't wear wellies because we flew up with only hand luggage and I don't actually own a pair of wellies anyway. I stuck with my Vans, I knew I wouldn't be out in the rain too much anyway (and yes, it did rain!). 

This cute coral jumper will brighten up your outfit, and also keep you warm. It's better to wear layers at festivals so you can take them off if it's sunny and add more at night. Most festivals I've been to have been all over the place weather-wise, so I always make sure I come prepared for all seasons!
I would love a pair of Ray Bans, I'm waiting for a sale somewhere but I have a lovely vintage-style pair from Topshop which I wear all the time. I think a pair of sunglasses hide a lot - running mascara, dark circles, tired eyes and make festival photos look a lot better!
Complete the outfit with a cute pendant, like this one I picked up from Urban Outfitters recently. 

I've got a few more festivals hopefully lined up for this summer, are you heading to any?


  1. I love that coral jumper! It's perfect!

  2. I love the coral jumper! It's perfect!

  3. i love the topshop scalloped shorts, may have to DIY some for myself as they are pretty expensive in store!

  4. I really want a quilted jacket like that... and also I want that necklace! love!

  5. jealous of you getting to go to rockness! a few of my friends went on the saturday (that was the day your boyfriend was playing, yeah?) and said it was AMAZING. i think i'm going to get a t in the park ticket! denim shorts are my festival essential :) xx

  6. please do some more festival posts like what sort of make up you wore, what you took with you and how you coped with it all beauty wise :) xxxx

  7. Oh, how much I wish I had Ray-Bans in my life. Was wearing an outfit today they would have completed, but I stuck to my good old Dorothy Perkins sunnies. Boo my empty wallet!

  8. I really adore this quilted coat! I agree though, I'd have trouble getting enough use out of it. I wouldn't think it would go with a lot in my wardrobe.

    Glad you had a good time! Can't wait to see the pictures!

  9. Glad you had a good time :) This is a brilliant outfit, I love the shorts!
    I don't have any festivals lined up this year unfortunately :(
    Sirens and Bells xx