Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Christmas & New Year

As promised, here is a post about my christmas presents and I've added on New Years Eve. I had a good Christmas at home with the fam, usual chilled out, eating myself into a coma stuff. 
Here are a few of the things I got for Christmas. 
Soap and Glory boxset! This was this Offer of the Week at Boots, reduced from £60 to £25! I knew I had to have it. It's so lovely, I love all their products. They smell incredible!

Fisheye 2 Lomo Camera and a heap of film! Really happy I got this, I'm really into photography, especially film photography and this camera is so much fun. I'll post the photos once their developed. 

Okayyy so I got a mac sleeve for my Macbook pro as the one I had is grey and orange (vom!) and I also got Chloe perfume (no one else seems to like this but I think it's amazing! It smells like sunflowers) and a Lush boxset - I am a massive Lush fan, it smells so good! And a cute little pink filofax. 

I got a Wii! With New Supermario bros, Wii Sports Resort and Wii Party. I've been addicted to Supermario bros. but haven't really played the other games because no one will play with me haha. Going to take it down to my boyfriends house in Leeds when I next go, so I can beat him. 

I got some cosmetic and beauty related books (and a copy of Vogue) I got the Jemma Kidd book which has excellent tips on applying makeup from the makeup artist herself. I also got the 21st Century Beauty Bible which is really good, it lists all of the best products from each category. I aim to get as many of the products in this book as possible. I got two Bobbi Brown books (although only one is shown here) which also has good makeup tips and the Liz Earle Skin Secrets. I am obsessed with trying to get nice skin so this book is really great for tips and advice. 

My lovely boyfriend got me a box of Mac goodies for my birthday and Christmas. He also got me Harvest Moon for Wii, a topshop voucher and a chocolate making kit. So cute! Totally in love with this Mac giftbox though. I got the pro longwear concealer, strobe cream, mattifying cream and pro longlash mascara and a foundation brush! 

So lovely! Really happy about all my new Mac products, the foundation brush is incredible. I really love the strobe cream and mattifying cream too. I will review this as soon as possible!

Okay so now you have seen some of the lovely things I got for Christmas, I will tell you about my new year. My boyfriend is a DJ so he was asked to play the biggest Hogmany party in the world (apparently) which is Edinburgh! The Edinburgh street party is (outside... chilly!) a really big thing, at midnight they let off a massive amount of fireworks from the castle on the hill. It's truly amazing. I was a bit excited as Biffy Clyro were playing the Concert in the Gardens too. 
Overall, I had an amazing new year. Graeme, my boyfriend, was interviewed live on BBC News which was cool. He then played to approximately 60,000 people (possibly more). 
There he is. What a cutie! I got some pictures from the front of the stage as well but I spent most of his set dancing in the front row. It was awesome to see so many people loving his songs. 

Here's a terrible picture of me taken in our lovely posh hotel room. I've wanted this Topshop dress for so long, but it was sold out online and going for over £100 on ebay. I somehow managed to get a Petite size 8 and fit into it! I really love it. 
Here's a bad quality picture of me before we went out. The light was bad in the hotel room :( 

After Graeme played we watched a bit of Booka Shade who were playing after him, drank the booze from his rider and went to his sisters house for the bells, drink champagne and watch the fireworks. Overall a really amazing night! 


  1. Super Mario Bros Wii is so fun! My friend and I have almost finished it =D

  2. Sounds like you had an amzing night, I love Booka Shade

  3. Love ur presents!!! Specially the mac!!! Follow my blog: